Selecting a Perfect Gear for the Bjj Combat

By: Gorilla Mike

It is exciting to visualize one shaping up as a professional fighter slowly and gradually. It is pleasant time for that person as well for the people associated with him such as parents, friends and most importantly the instructor.

While purchasing gear for daily use or for an occasion, the comfort and style may go hand in hand. But purchasing the first Bjj gear is a demanding task and requires full knowledge about the gears to select the appropriate one for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training sessions. It is also an exciting task in the sense because of the availability of a number of styles of Bjj Gi in the store and everybody desires to buy the most excellent style for themselves. The first thing that should be considered while purchasing and as of for the beginner is to keep in mind the quality, comfort and price of the gear rather than the style. One or a couple of BJJ belts and Jiu Jitsu Gi purchased at economical prices would be sufficient for the beginner.

The range of the BJJ belts starts at $75 and the finest styled Jiu Jitsu Gis are available at the price of $250 per set. Hence for the beginners Bjj Gi up to $100 will be good enough. An individual can buy 2 Jiu Jitsu Gi in order to attend the sessions comfortably so that you have another Jiu Jitsu Gi to wear while the first is being washed. A couple of Jiu Jitsu Gi and belts are also required initially for the fact that one has to attend 4 to 5 exhausting training sessions in a week.

Another important thing to take care while making the purchase of your first Bjj Gear is to decide upon the color of the gear. For the beginners white and blue colors are preferred, black colors gears are also available though. Interweave and the collar is next in line to look at before purchasing. Interweave is basically of two types: single and double weave. A single weave is preferred for the beginners as the one with double weave is heavy and may not suit. Collars are generally made of cotton and are sometimes stuffed with rubber too. A beginner can choose either of them.

In case you are a tenured one, then make sure that you choose and pick the right Bjj Gi for the Bjj competition from some credible online Bjj store which is comfortable yet stylish. The sense of easiness inside the gear will boost the confidence and allows oneself to compete even better while fighting with the challenger. Choosing the right Bjj Gi for engaging in Bjj battle is most important.

Weight of the gear is one of the most prime features to choose a right Ju Jitsu Gi. Gears available in the market are categorized into light weight and heavy weight gears. Both the lightweight and the heavyweight are similar in quality of the fabric used in making the Bjj kimono. Only the quantity differs. Since the quantity of weave used in the single weave Gi is less and hence, are lightweight and comfortable. Whilst the quantity of weave used in double weave Gis is more and thus making them heavy in character.

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