Select your Wardrobe according to The Party you are attending

By: Bryan Salomon

Companies around the globe have always been thinking and deliberating on getting new ideas for increase in sales and hence revenue. These ideas are mostly unique to industries and vary with the range and types of the products. Some products are marketed by providing samples to the consumers like in the case of products that are consumed on daily basis like beverages including tea and coffee. Other products are advertised in a complete separate way. One such industry that uses images and snaps to market its products to customers is the fashion industry.

A fashion photographer is one who is mastered at taking different snaps with different poses. A particular dress may be marketed by simply hanging it, taking its photos and then publishing it a fashion journal or other print and electronic media. There are several other ways of doing fashion photography. One can hire a model to put on such clothes and then give a photo shoot. In this activity photos are taken with different clothes and varied poses. For this to happen only the photographer’s expertise is not required but there are also other persons who are required for a perfect photo shoot to be executed. These other personnel include director, makeup artistes, choreographer, designer and people for arranging set.

In order to find the best photographer in Dubai, the ratings by any fashion agency can help you out. Further, some fashion magazines are published and produced on behalf of such photographers so you can buy it and see for yourself the quality of the photos and the creativity associated with each of the photos. The clarity of a photo is very important and this need right adjustment of the camera at the correct direction. The length or distance of taking a photo is also relevant as it gives the angle for getting the well illuminated snaps. The lighting factor is one of the most important factors for having a well adjusted photo. While taking photos the most of the time that is consumed is in respect of adjustment of light so that the photos turn out shiny and well lightened. Some important apparatus and equipment is necessary for having a controlled image. The lens of the camera must be adjusted as per the needs of the photo session. Some snaps are required for having a close look at the photo which is helpful to highlight some distinguished things in the snap. The photography for fashion is normally associated with trendy items that include clothes shoes and even hair style. The walk on ramp is also one of recent trends to show the collection of a particular designer. Hundreds of events take place in almost all the countries to celebrate the show besides marketing their products as well. The events are arranged by inviting designers all over the world to come and join at some famous place. They all bring their collection along them which are put on by the models employed by the administration authority. However the designer can choose the models as he feels will help to display his clothes well. Like for example there are some clothes especially the bridal wear that gives more fascinating looks if represented by model tall in height. Similarly other choices can be made and all this should be agreed to in advance with the administration that has running the event.

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