Select Cheap TVs from Reputed Brands for Long Life.

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Consider your budget and your actual needs before deciding to buy a CRT, LCD or plasma TV.

You are not going to buy a television every month. When you buy a TV, you will naturally expect to live with it for at least the next 5 years. Hence, purchasing cheap TVs without going into their merits is not a wise decision. The competition in the TV industry is so heavy nowadays and the advancements in technology so hectic that it is quite easy to get a good bargain in TV purchases. Even reputed brands like Philips, LG, Samsung and Panasonic are offering cheap TVs to get higher market share. Here are a few details about the various types of options available to you in TV purchase.


In the United Kingdom, you will be able to get a 37 Sony LCD TV for as low a price as 469 and a 37 LG LCD TV with built-in digital freeview for about 499. Compare this to a 32 Panasonic LCD TV, which might be priced at 765. The same 32 Toshiba LCD TV is available for 424. You can see for yourself that the price difference between a 32 Toshiba and a 37 Sony is only about 45. What should be your decision? It is obvious, is it not? This is the secret behind evaluating when you wish to purchase cheap TVs.

Plasma TVs

In the case of plasma TVs also, the same rule applies. Two models of 42 LG Plasma TV are quoted at 484 and 629, whilst two models of 42 Panasonic Plasma TV are priced at 618 and 800. Will there be any sense in buying TVs at such higher prices, whatever be the extra features that are claimed by the manufacturers? The same logic will apply to all TV purchases when you wish to buy cheap TVs. However, plasma TVs and LCD TVs can never be classified as cheap TVs in any ordinary sense. Though their prices are gradually coming down, they are still quite costly by normal standards.


CRT TVs are the real cheap TVs available in the market and they are more than sufficient for an average home viewer. Their quality is decent enough for standard TV viewing and the prices are the most affordable. Nevertheless, many manufacturers have stopped selling CRT TVs actively in UK. The stress is on LCD and plasma TVs only. Still, CRT TVs are likely to be around at least for a decade.

A 21 Samsung CRT TV is priced around 75, whilst a 28 CRT TV might cost around 150, nearly double that of the 21 model. Unless you are going to spend several hours watching television every day, a 21 model is more than sufficient. However, sports lovers will like to have a bigger screen for the realistic playground effect. For such people, the higher cost of the 28 will definitely be justified. Subtle considerations like these are needed when you wish to buy cheap TVs. Your budget is the ultimate deciding authority in your TV purchase.

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