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Students at postgraduate level of study are required to submit scholarly papers that meet the highest intellectual standards. While writing such papers, the students must not only provide the relevant theoretical framework but also document practical perspectives. Most postgraduate papers usually encompass the presentation of findings after the completion of actual studies. The first step while writing these kinds of documents pertains to the statement of topic or title.
The students should provide a title which is as comprehensive as possible in order to avert any form of ambiguity. In most cases, the title should not exceed ten words; this goes a very long way towards facilitating conciseness in subsequent sections of the paper. Having carefully analyzed the title, the next step pertains to the presentation of abstract. Essentially, the abstract page highlights the contents of the paper; it should therefore be very brief and precise. Most students err while writing abstracts because they dwell too much on specific issues and then omit other aspects. Depending on the writing style being used by the student, a table of contents may be provided even though itís not mandatory. The next step entails the introduction; as the name suggests, the introductory section of scholarly papers is aimed at introducing the audience to the document.
In line with this, the introduction must therefore be more detailed as compared to the abstract. While structuring the introductory section, the student must clearly state the hypothesis; essentially, the hypothesis provides a statement of the specific issues that are being investigated. For instance, while researching on rangelands, the student might hypothesize that levels of water balance and directly related to the prevailing microclimatological conditions in tropical rangelands. On the other hand, the null hypothesis should state that the levels of water balance are indirectly related to the prevailing microclimatological conditions in tropical rangelands. With these kinds of hypotheses, the student will seek to investigate the actual relationships between the two variables using observational or experimental survey methods. Having presented the hypothesis, the next step pertains to the problem statement; this is whereby the student highlights the various issues being addressed and/or investigated in the survey. After statement of the problem, the student should comprehensively describe the methodology he/she intends to use in research.
Most scholars are not aware that the methodology section is the most critical and/or significant section of any type of postgraduate research paper. This section encompasses the specification of the various methods for data collection, analysis and interpretation. Subsequent sections of the paper include discussion, recommendation, conclusion and list of references used. These guidelines must be strictly adhered to if the student is to attain exemplary grades. However, since most students lack the relevant experience in research, we have established a company that specializes in the production of postgraduate papers.
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