Security cable Locks to protect Valuable Laptops, Computers and Electronics at Colleges, Universitie

By: Rakesh Sharma

If you run a trade school you need to have strongly grounded security policies to of course safeguard lives of pupils as well as the infrastructure of the school; notwithstanding protecting the expensive computer equipments.

While the detention rule may well work to contain the scrappers and those who breach computer security rules, it may still not be potent enough to prevent vandalism all together in schools or universities. The amount of loss to the electronics including the computers, hard disks drives, scanners, printers and copiers and other valuable electronic equipment in American school districts is estimated to come more than $1000k year on year.

Computer locks and security cable locks prevent opportunistic thefts in the schools when the pupils breach etiquette and resort to vandalism. While the locks cannot lock their behavior they sure protect the computers from attackers.

There are different locks that offer different degrees of protection

The cable locks (a cable with lock to physically secure the computer system including accessories) give protection from opportunistic thefts. The computer cable locks are the first line of defense to the computers and other accessories

Then there are plate systems which are low profile higher degree protection systems. The plate lock is generally not visible to a stranger and the computer cannot be lifted or moved. The authorized computer user can easily remove the lock and move it at will. These plate systems are small locks that can secure the computer or electronics equipment at the work station physically while being totally invisible.

Steel enclosures are another type of security solutions to towers, portable servers, to prevent their unaccounted tampering, moving/lifting. These are also ideal security solutions in places where there is high turnover of computers as in schools, colleges, universities or computer related work places

If a trade school is equipped with steel enclosures for the systems it is guaranteed that computer thefts are 100% prevented. Besides, the carts contain physical damage to the computer rooms.

Besides the aforesaid physical security devices there are privacy filters which facilitate users with a hassle-free privacy so that they can use the systems even in high-traffic areas when the on screen data needs to be kept private and confidential.

If you are choosing the steel enclosures bear in mind the material used is full steel which can withstand even the roughest abuse. The steel cases should be impossible for vandals or thieves to tamper the computers. There is no material better than steel for the same.

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