Security Tips to Ensure Browser Safety

By: Brooke M. Perry

We all know that Internet is where your system can get most infections and virus attacks. This leaves you vulnerable no matter which browser you are using. Even though a browser seems to provide protection using sandbox feature but the important question is how often does it work? It is not always that this works and you are exposed to numerous threats while using browser. Now you need to understand the threats and the means of getting past them to be able to stay secure.

Here are some tips to stay secure online while understanding browser threats.


Plugins seem convenient when you are about to view content or asked to install them for a better page view. However, often these plug-ins leave you vulnerable to numerous threats. Java is said to be the most dangerous of all plugins.

Even the latest versions of Java are vulnerable to many threats. You need to keep yourself protected against it and this requires uninstalling Java. If you are dependent on this app then it is advisable to disable Java plugins.

Other plugins include that of PDF, which is prone to flash vulnerabilities. These are used to exploit vulnerabilities of browsers that you are using including, IE, Chrome, and Firefox that you often run on your Mac, Windows and Linux.

Tips to stay protected against these vulnerabilities:

· You need to check for outdated plug-ins

· Update your plugins for better results

· Do not randomly install plugins, only install those that you require. Uninstall unnecessary plugins.

· It is advisable to use click-to-play feature for plugins that is provided by Firefox and Chrome. This enables your plugins when you require them.

· The most essential thing is to use a good antivirus suite for your system to avoid attacks on zero day vulnerability.

Security Issues

There are often security related issues or browser security holes that leave you vulnerable to online threats. The best that you can do is to keep updating your browser timely to avoid vulnerability exploits. If this is not done then the worst that you will have to face is automatic download of malware by your browser.

Tips for safeguarding against browser security vulnerabilities:

· Ensure that your browser is updated. If you have not enabled the option of auto-update within your browser then it is essential to enable it.

· An antivirus is a necessity these days without one your system will be exposed to many threats. This is the best defense against malware.

Online Tricks

There are online tricks that are often called as social engineering tricks. Malicious web pages are designed to trick a user into visiting them and result in system infection. These are often hidden tricks that will compromise system vulnerabilities for spreading malware infection. E-mail messages will be sent to you that will trick you into clicking attachments and links. Other very obvious culprits are browsers that are used as the most easiest means of spreading virus and Trojans.

Other things to be aware of:

· ActiveX controls are one of the browser plugins that you might require for playing Flash files. If this is downloaded then you might end up infecting your system. The worst is that these controls often gain access to your system. It is advisable not to run an ActiveX control.

· Auto-download of exe. Extension files are one such plugin that does not require your permission for download. You need to remember that even if this kind of file makes its way into downloads you should refrain from running it. It is better to uninstall it or not to save it in the first place.

· If you are looking for pirated download links then it is essential to tell real from fake. Often you might end up with fake download links on a website. Advertisements that are disguised as download buttons often appear on a given webpage that actually a malware.

· If you receive messages, as “you require a plugin to view this content” or something similar then beware because you are being tricked into downloading malware.

The best that you can do apart from adopting above-mentioned methods is to opt for a robust antivirus suite.

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