Secrets to A Healthy Colon

By: Luke Wilson

The secret to colon health is simple, think before you do. Think before you eat the additional thick burger with extra blue cheese, and think before you have the third glass of wine or lager. Just think before you do, pretty easy. Everything that we take in must be processed, and the harder the body has to work to rid it's self of the damaging poison we consume with the fatty over processed and over cooked food we take in the harder it works to detox. Think of your body as a new car or for some of you a vintage car, your pride and joy.
You give it additional care, don't you? You don't take it out on coarse dust roads and floor it, because if you did it wouldn't last very long. You put the best gas in it, you tune it up on a consistent basis, and you do everything you want to do to keep it running.
Why not do the same for your body. It's not that I am saying you have to eat like an Olympic athlete in coaching, just think about what you are putting into your body. Some of the things that go in the human body now leave behind poisons that are hard to flush out. A slight change in your diet and a little exercise will go a long way in making you're feeling and look better.
Instead of the lager or wine, why not have a drink of water. Instead of driving the block to the store, why not walk? It doesn't have to be at a brisk pace. Cardiovascular is good for your heart, but it's also good for the lungs and it's a good technique to get a little fresh air. Try as best as you can to stay away from processed and fried foods, I know for some this might be hard but in the future, it is going to be easily worth it.
Instead, try organic beans, nuts, whole wheat, fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Having a long healthful life is part preparation and part fate.

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