Secrets of Flirting with Men Review - How To Get Your Manís Attention

By: Sandra J. Smith

As a woman, flirting can make you sense feminine and attractive but it can also be frustrating if you're lost you're doing it right. Making eye contact, maintaining an engaging conversation and using proper body language are just some of the tactics you can use to show a man you want him. When you flirt, remember to be confident and secure in all by yourself; a confident woman can be a sexy woman.

Eye Contact

Making eye contact is probably the most common way to initiate flirting in any country or language. When you are keen on a man, make regular eye contact with him and hold it just a few seconds longer than you would if you happen to weren't interested. Avoid staring, which can sometimes end up creepy, but look him directly inside eye when he talks to you. Making eye contact which has a man across a room will increase your chances of his coming onto talk to you.

Sense of Humor

Most men appreciate a girl with a sense of humor, and laughing at a man's jokes is another form of flirting if done the right way. Don't force yourself to laugh as that can only make you show up fake. However, if a guy is usually funny, laugh at his jokes and benefit from the situation to flash him a huge smile while making dependable eye contact. Tell him how funny you think he is to acknowledge you appreciate one of his qualities.


Asking questions is among the list of easiest and most effective different ways to let a man know you are searching for him. Inquire about what type of music he listens to help, his favorite movies, books he has examine recently, a trip he has always wanted to take or any interesting hobbies he has. When he answers, listen attentively and inquire a related follow-up topic. If you have some sort of shared interest, take the opportunity to mention it after he provides finished talking.

Body Language and Physical Contact

Body language refers to your conscious and unconscious movements you make with your body to signify ones feelings. Leaning toward a man indicates that you are attracted to him although leaning away indicates that you are not. Point your whole entire body in his direction and locate small excuses to generate physical contact, such as putting your hand on his arm or knee when laughing for a joke or making a helpful point.

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