Secrets Revealed! How to fish for Cod By an Expert

By: soulfulpenny

Cod is one of the most sought after fish in fishing season and is available surfing near the shore. And, the best season to catch mature cod is in winters. You can find various fishing clubs and holiday resorts that offer great cod fishing trips with discount offers and all the facilities for fishing in North Atlantic, North Sea, and the whole of the Arctic. A fat Cod female produces about 10 million eggs. Just imagine what a great fishing experience Cod fishing offers.

Its for sure that fishing is a great holiday adventure but do you know How to Fish for Cod? And, if you do not know, its better if you learn how to fish for cod and then step onto the adventure pad.

Initially you need to know when and at what time cods are available near shores. The best season to catch cod fish is cold winter and especially when tide is fast and high. This is the right time when sea is full of food and you can catch ample of them near shore and especially during nights. Next on the ladder is the kind of rods, tackles and net that has to be used in catching Cod/codling. Cods are real heavy fishes so make sure that you have a good rig and heavy cast so that you can pull at them with ease. It would be better if you keep extra rigs ready with bait since cods hunt for food in groups of 5-6 and as soon as cod hits the surf you may have enough chance to get two or three of them in a go. Make sure that your cast can go as deep as 6oz sinker and bait up to 100 yards.

The best way of learning How to fish for Cod is by practicing on a lonely beach since during full season, beaches are bustling with fishing and you, being novice wont be able to keep the grounds. You can take 18-20 foot beach caster for practicing cod fishing. One of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind regarding fish line is that it should be around 35-40lb as cods are heavy fishes. Choose the spot from where you are going to do fishing and then mark the ground with tripod. After that walk 50-60 yards up the tide and the distance may vary in accordance with the speed of the tide and wind. Dont give jerks when hook gets cod into it as tidal waves may rip the hook from line. When you feel that cod has hit the surf loosen the clutch of fish rod a little.

Now, the basic points need to be considered when you have leant how to fish for cod includes:
Never tread into deeper zones into the sea all alone. It would be advisable to take an experienced angler along even when you have already learned how to fish for cod.
Carry along means of communication so that you may call for help in the event of an emergency.
Prepare a checklist of the angling/cod fishing tools and equipments that you are required to carry.
Dont fish in rough tides or heavy seas as it can be dangerous for your life. Wait for the tide to calm down.

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