Secrets Of Dog Obedience Training

By: Jenny Lindston

The purpose of obedience training is to teach the dog to behave nicely with people around them. Successful dog obedience training leads to a happy dog. The dog will be happy if you train it correctly with obedience training. The most important thing is trust when it comes to obedience training.

Otherwise, obedience dog training becomes difficult. Through this training, an individual can teach dog positive behaviors and diminish the unwanted behaviors. For example, to teach the dog not to bark, first teach the dog to bark on command. Once the dog knows this command, teach the dog to be silent on other command.

Another behavior that people desire to modify in their pet dogs is to prevent a dog from chewing things. The solution to this problem is to let the dogs play with toys. The toys can be in the same shape of some household item. For example, if the dog likes to chew shoes, give toys resembling shoes. Never give a dog too many toys in one go. This leaves the dog confused.

Biting, pulling clothes, chewing, jumping are the playful habits of dogs to gather attention. Dogs are difficult to train than puppies. Therefore, if you can, start training the dog at the earilest age possible to prevent them from having behavioural problems. There is patience involved in training an adult dog.

Reward the dog for good behavior. This is the most ardent step in obedience dog training. This procedure boosts and cultures good habits in the dog. The dog is more likely to obey instrucions appropriately. This causes a amiable relationship between dog owners and their dogs.

Most dog trainers feel that positive reinforcement training is the best way to train a dog. Positive reinforcement training is a better process to train the dog. However, it is a slow process. During the training, take care to scold the dog less. This leads to negative feelings in the dog.

However, penalize the dog. It does not mean to punish. So instead, just point out that it's misbehaving by pulling the leash or jerking it and ignoring the dog. This is enough to make it guilty.

It is a good idea to do some research on the breed, unique characteristics of the dog. There are different types of dogs and they all have different types of characteristics. This means of course that they also behave differently in similar situations.

Always be regular and maintain a routine of the training. This makes the dog more efficient. Dogs are attentive for a short span of time. Hence, keep the training short and simple. The most basic comands are sit, stand and come. So, this means you should use "sit" for the dog to sit and never use "sit down", because this leaves the dog confused.

One of the methods of dog obedience training is the clinker method. This is also known as operating conditioning. This devide creates a sound when pressed. This means only use this method where there is minimal distractions and in guarded places.

Call out the dog's name. When the dog responds, click and give it a treat. Repeat this several times. Thus, the dog associates the click or the sound with a corresponding treat.

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