Searching For People In Cyberspace

By: Sandra Stammberger

There are so many people in this world that if you want to search for one, it is a tough question, how? Sometimes people are lost; lost in different meanings. Sometimes you just do not know where they are; sometimes they are hiding themselves; sometimes you lost the addresses; sometimes you need someone after a really long time and sometimes you need to contact with a totally unknown person. In any of such case, you want to locate someone but do not know how.

Everyone in this world has something, which helps identify him. Most of the people are recognized on papers as they have records of various kinds. Now this is the age of cyber village. In this village, everyone has his cyber identities, even if he never used a computer. Records that were on paper for all human civilization history are now on cyber space.

There are different kinds of needs to locate people. Someone wants to locate his old friends; someone wants to know if a person lives; a lawyer wants to find victims of 15 year old case; a spy looking for his mates; a cop looking for a criminal; and nobody knows, in which part of the world they are? Internet is the answer for all that. Most of the cyber records are available for searching the people. There are Internet websites, which are allowed to search records and find the people. That whole process is very fast forward. You just take subscription of a people searching website, enters the details whatever you know about missing person, even if that is some kind of very elementary knowledge, and than you click and transfer whole responsibility of finding the person, to the collective group of persons and programs. They will find the person if he exists and if information is correct.

Currently there are many people-searching websites, which do this work on different rates and conditions. Such websites are connected to records of all over the world. When you provide the information to the website, website uses the software, designed for spatial work of this kind; software connects to all the links of records and explore the information about the person which helps locating him, and you find the person. All of us have records of various kinds; we have our birth certificate, we have passports, licenses, credit cards, bank accounts, E-mail addresses, mobiles, lone, mark sheets and all have our identity & addresses. If a person has so many identities, how can he not be recognized? So searching people is now very easy with the help of Internet, everyone belongs in cyber world.

If I want to find a person who lives in a hut in Tanzania’s jungle, can I find him? Perhaps not, there are some questions still unsolved. Such cases are out of cyber reach, but that time is not far away, pretty soon everyone will be available on cyber net. Even currently, a very big population is net recognized. All normally reached people are recognizable on cyberspace.

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S. Stammberger is the editor of People Search United. Find out how to locate people online for free using zaba, yahoo, google, and other free people finder services.

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