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By: Mel Joelle

For a newly opened business, getting on top of the tough competition is a common goal. Although it is something that everyone aspires, it is not as easy as it seems to rank on top of business chain. The online world is a complex market where businesses are mostly alike. If you do not have a good strategy to begin with, you may not be able to reach your ultimate goal of getting your business known. You may not even reach your full financial revenue the moment you fail to start with a good strategy in the first place.

There are a lot of search engine strategies that you can take. The first way to get this right is by incorporating keywords in your content. A well-researched keyword on a specific target is another factor that will help in increasing your site’s potential to rank in search engine results. SERP is another term for results that are displayed from search engines. However, you should not overdo keyword integration in your entire website or you will be marked as spamming. If you want to get your website completely banned, this is the best way to do it. But of course you would not want this to happen therefore you have to carefully examine the density of the keywords you are placing to ensure that it is just in the right number.

The ideal density of keywords for the entire pages of a website should be around 3 to 6 percent. If you exceed this, chances are you will be sanctioned to rank above other websites. This is a common problem encountered by most site owners especially when the only concern is to get on top of results without actually waiving the conditions. Another strategy that you should observe is the integration of links to the articles you have submitted. It will be a lot easier for people to find your business if they can simply click on the bottom page of the articles with links that you have submitted in article directories. To be able to have people click on your links, you can write a call to action on the bottom part where you will place the link after it. This will make it more compelling for people to click on right after reading.

To be able to boost the keywords you have in your site, you can make use of tags and descriptions. You can also embolden or have it italicized for a more effective keyword approach. Another strategy that you can also make use is by asking other website owners to link back to your site. You can have a friendly back linking strategy however if Google notices that there is a disparity between the exchange of links, you might get banned which will compromise the integrity of the website and the business you have.

Search engines are constantly changing in algorithm and you should be able to know what type of strategy to use to be able to rank in the result page whenever a user starts to hit the enter button. If you are able to integrated proper optimization, it is not far that you will be able to rank above SERPs. You should also avoid black hat techniques to be able to get your website rank in a faster pace.

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