Search Engine Site Listings in a Snap

By: Glen Barnhardt

You will learn how to be listed in the search engines fast but we will use the safest method.

Search engines are looking for one thing. Great unique content. When you search for a phrase they want to get you the most relative information. They spend all there time figuring out just how to do that.

The second thing that they look at is if your site is an authority site on the topic. If you have these two things down your site is going to be listed high.

What I'm about to show you will get you listed and give the search engines exactly what they want. Great Content and that you are an expert on your subject.

To become an authority site you need lots of other sites linking to you and when other sites that are an authority on a subject link to your sites then your site will have even more relevance in the eyes of the search engines.

These are the things we now know we need:

1. Good Content.
2. Be an expert on our topic.

Now all we have to do is put this on our site, How?

The answer is Article Marketing. With Article Marketing you will create great content for your site and then submit that same content to the hundreds of article submission sites.

With Article Marketing you can not put any links to your site within the body of the article. They do allow you to put a resource or bio for your articles. In this box you will put something about yourself let your audience know you are a authority on the subject and then link back to your site.

Lets say you have a site on Horse Training. You could say, "John has been training horses for the last 20 years. His horse training tips site is loaded with tips on how to train horses."

The words horse training tips would be linked to your website. The bio shows John as an expert in the field of horse training. This is the method to attract people back to your site.

Writing is just not your cup of tea? Outsource your work. There are many freelance sites that you can have the work done for a fair price.

The next problem you might see is that there are hundreds of submission sites. There are softwares that you can use for this that will make this much easier.

The fun starts when lots of sites begin to pick up your article. This happens shortly after you have submitted to the article submission sites. You will have given permission for these people to use your article as part of the agreement. They will have to include your resource box as that is what these sites require.

In just a few days the search engines will show your articles being linked for other sites some of them expert sites. These are the valuable links we are looking for.

The search engines spider these authority sites and you get listed. In a few weeks your article spreads to many more sites and you begin to gain rank.

This is the method to get your site listed fast.

The most important thing is that you take this information and use it.

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