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By: Mel Joelle

With technology advancing beyond ones dreams, sometimes it may get very overwhelming with the endless possibilities that are presented to the common person in today’s society. Many companies and organization, big and small, are definitely taking advantage of this astonishing opportunity. One of the ways that they are doing this is through the internet. Today, the majority of Americans have the internet in their homes, and from the parents to the children all uses the internet for one reason of the other. They may not know that the reason that it is easy for them to surf the web is because of the invention of the search engine optimization tools.

The search engine optimization tool is an internet marketing strategy where the uses of several variables are places in a logarithmic equation in determining how the placing of a particular website will be ranked on a certain search result page. The first variable that will be discussed is actually how search engines work. There are several search engines out there and they all have their own way of running. The Next variable is what people are actually searching for. Just like technology changes, so does the information that is of interest today. The key players in entertainment, clothing styles, as well as electronics all change. So what the majority may have been searching for 5 years ago will definitely not be what they are looking for today.

What is also considered in the actual words or terms typed into the search engine. For example, if one does not know the name of a certain song, they may type in a few of the lyrics to the song. This will then generate the songs that have those specific lyrics in them enabling the user to find the name to the song. The final variable to the search engine optimization tool is which search engine is actually preferred by the actual person doing the searching. There are several search engines out there, but everyone that uses the internet has one that they are most comfortable with. These are the factor that makes up the search engine optimization or SEO.

This service is one that can be offered as a standalone service or as part to a bigger marketing strategy. When talking about optimization a website, you are talking about editing the website HTML and any other codes associated with it that will enhance the search result of that website. SEO may also target different kinds of searches. Some examples of this are the image, video, and local searches. In reality, they know that the more hits a page gets, the higher ranked the page will become.

This strategy used has become very successful over the past few years. It is causing a chance for smaller sites to be able to compete with larger sites. And it is also allowing an easier and similar search strategy for the users. Webmasters as well as content providers continue to come up with better ways to make the search engine optimization even more successful. This will definitely be beneficial to all involved.

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