Search Engine Optimization – SEO

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO
The term Search Engine optimization, in short SEO refers to optimizing the webpages of your website to
• Gain top rank in the Search Engine Result Page – SERP
• Increase genuine traffic to your website which leads to conversion
• Increase sales and ROI
• Maximize brand exposure
SEO – Industry
Over the last 5 years the internet has seen tremendous growth. And internet users are spending more money for searching. In 2006, total spend on search was $15.6 billion and the same has grown more than three times to $44.5 billion in 2011. In India internet users are increasing every day, and so are the numbers of businesses competing for these internet users’ attentions. Slowly the importance of top ranking in the search engine results page started growing upwards. Slowly and strategically ideas started evolving around it. Since then the term SEO has become the happening thing of digital marketing.
SEO is a subset of Search Engine Marketing – SEM. It entails intellectual intelligence to understand how search algorithms work and what a human visitor might search.
SEO – Booming Industry
When compared to its US counterparts, SEO in India is still in early stages. And this is the right time to join the industry and grow big to acquire imminent benefits.
SEO Industry is booming because of
• Increased use of search engines.
• More traditional marketers are also adopting SEO
• Big players in advertising industry are actively practising SEO
• Improvised technology allows companies to aim their advertising to genuine audience,
• All of the Search Engines keep innovating and evolving to target the market demographically
Career in SEO
SEO is as old as the search engines. Search Engines made internet simpler for users and complicated for companies; because Search Engines made it important for every companies to be on top of the search engines results page – SERP. Up to late 90s, webmasters used optimize the web sites so that they showed up high in the search engine results pages.
• High Demand for SEO Professional: As sites started growing big and making more money, it was adequate to hire a specialist to take over web master job. Now the demand for a good SEO professional is high and is constantly increasing.
• SEO – Salary: Now a deserving SEO employee gets paid at par or sometimes even higher than web designers, developers and marketers. You can work as a freelancer or you can even start your own SEO Company.
• SEO friendly website: Many clients want their website to be search engine friendly. So they look out for a designer who is a SEO expert. SEO expertise definitely adds value to your career.
• Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing: Internet has transformed online business. Today’s online marketing and advertising industry demands basic SEO knowledge if you want to be a successful Digital Marketer, Internet Marketer or Online Advertiser.
• Web designing, development and web administration: Though SEO does not look so technical and complicated to talented technologists, it upgrades your skill set. A Web administrator or a developer who can handle a SEO job is preferred by the companies.
SEO – Skills Required
To be a successful SEO Analyst you must master the following Fundamental and Professional skills.
SEO – Fundamental Skills
• Excellent reading & writing skills,
• HTML and related skills
• Website designing knowledge
SEO – Professional Skills
• Business Analysis skills
• Basic knowledge in planning and strategy formulation
• Thorough knowledge of customer expectation and behaviour
• Strong ethics

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