Sciatica Pain Relief: What You Need to Know

By: Ben Clay

Suffering from a painful condition can make a person's life an absolute misery. Pain is something that is very personal and different people have different ways of coping with it. When you suffer from a condition such as sciatica pain can be indescribable. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back, down the buttocks and into the legs becomes trapped. The pain that people suffer when this happens can be enough to knock them sideways. If you have sciatica which you do not know about their pain relief what follows are some ideas.
Probably the first type of pain relief and the most obvious is painkillers which are prescribed by your doctor. These can be very strong and can work to reduce the pain of sciatica in patients. Taking painkillers long-term however is not recommended and many people would prefer to look towards other forms of pain relief.
Muscle relaxants can also be used on people who are in a great deal of pain due to their sciatica. Whilst these can work very well people who take muscle relaxants can become very sleepy. This can make working and driving virtually impossible.
Believe it or not exercise can actually help to be a form of pain relief for sciatica. Too much rest can actually make sciatica worse so gentle exercise is recommended to combat pain. Start slowly and do not overstretch yourself when exercising, a gentle walks should be enough.
You might find that using compression packs acts as a painkiller for your sciatica. It does not matter if the packs are hot or cold as both can work just as well. In actual fact using a combination of hot and cold packs can be very useful. Ensure that you do not get burnt from the pack by wrapping them up before you apply them to your body.
Extreme cases of sciatica may require a person to have surgery on their sciatic nerve. Surgery is never a first option and will only be used in cases where a person is in severe debilitating pain. So do not assume that because you have sciatica you will have to have an operation.
Anyone with sciatica should always speak to their doctor about their condition. However when you know of some types of sciatica pain relief to consider you may feel you have more options. Using medication in conjunction with a natural method, such as a compression pack can work wonders. Try a few different types of pain relief and you will soon find one that suits you and your condition.

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