Scar Reduction- Methods to Get Reduce Scars

By: Candice Zubcic

Scars are formed by the immune system as a way to heal and repair a wound made to the skin or other body tissues. They are made up of fibrous tissue which is different in color and texture than normal skin. The severity of the scar depends on the original wound. Many people receive scars on their face from acne and other various reasons, regardless the scars are unattractive and many people wish to have them reduced.
All wounds on the skin will trigger inflammation which is the first step for the healing process. In this stage the connecting fibers provide the skin with collagen in order to repair the damaged area.
New collagen fibers must be generated in order for the skin to begin repair, however the amount of collagen is a key element in scar healing. Skin that has been damaged will not be able to recover its strength, stability, function and original structure without collagen. If there is an abundance of collagen, the structure and function is altered and fibrosis emerges.
The formation of scars instead of normal skin is determine by the fibrous tissue. Scars can be classified as keloid, hypertrophic and ice pick scars. Scar reduction products are vital for people that suffer from scars since they can drastically affect their appearance.
Scar Reduction
Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing are scar treatments that are available to help reduce the appearance of raised acne scars but are generally ineffective on sunken acne scars. These are types of scar reduction surgery that remove the upper skin layers, revealing a smoother more refined complexion. Collagen injection is another scar removal option however this method is useful for deep-set areas such as ice pick scars. The aim of this procedure is to refill the area affected with collagen. This scar reduction procedure needs to be done more than once since its effects are impermanent. Surgery is required depending on the severity of the scars. When the patient has severe injuries such as burned skin it becomes essential to receive skin grafts in order to substitute the dead skin with new tissue. Scar healing procedures like this only apply to severe cases.
Good results achieved through these treatments are determined by the severity of the wound and whether the patient is willing to take surgery or not.
When this happens, the use of natural scar reduction treatments is recommended. Vitamin E, plant extracts and snail extracts are some of the ingredients we can find in scar reduction creams. Through the use of these methods we can stop the scaring formation and even improve the renovation process of the tissues.

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Scars are always visible because they are formed with fibrosis tissue that is different than healthy skin. BIOSKINCARE is a scar reduction cream that can remove scars naturally and is designed to improve the levels of collagen, which is the most important factor of the skin regeneration system. It gives all the nutrients necessary for the skin to recover its natural shape.

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