Scandinavian Design Furniture Pieces Are Works Of Art

By: Jessica Deets

Ever since the Vikings made their journeys into Europe, often wreaking havoc along the way, the Scandinavian people have been known for their spirit, determination and skill. Their utilitarian mentality with an attention for detail remains in evidence today within Scandinavian design furniture.

Known as expert woodworkers, the early Scandinavians built their homes and lodges from wood. Not willing to settle for just an ordinary design, they became known for the sturdiness of their construction along with elaborate, detailed scrollwork. At the heart of almost every Scandinavian design was the desire to create something useful that was also beautiful.

The durability of the Scandinavian designs in wood is legendary. Churches built in the middle ages completely of wood with elegant carvings and incredible designs stand today despite the years, the harsh climate and especially the odds. Also, too, historians have found functional remains of the great Viking ships, totems and other wooden oddities that have survived literally hundreds of years.

The trick behind Scandinavian construction then and now was a desire to build something that would last. Since wood was often difficult to come by in the harsh Nordic climate, Scandinavians valued it greatly. In fact, many of the Vikings' earlier voyages, as reported in the old Scandinavian sagas, were to obtain wood or the land on which trees would grow. Considering the difficulties some faced in getting lumber for building, it should come as no surprise that once something was built, they wanted it to stay sturdy and beautiful. Add to that the fact the climate was harsh and the need for strong, durable buildings becomes quite obvious.

That same mentality survives today in the furniture designed by Scandinavians. Loved the world over for its natural wood beauty and unique designs, the furniture is both utilitarian and breathtaking. Even when dealing with fabrics, both use and beauty have been addressed by the master craftspeople in this region.

The worldwide popularity of Scandinavian furniture began to spread in the 1960s and continues today. Furniture makers and full-blown companies stock specialty stores and offer their lines to larger retailers the world over. From bedroom suites to living room couches and dining room tables and basic chairs, most of that which comes from this region carries with it the traits found in woodworking hundreds of years ago. Interesting lines, incredible appointments and a skill to create something that will stand up to the test of time is found even in modern-day pieces.

Scandinavian furniture is different from that made in any other part of the world simply due to the furniture makers' style, sensibility and skill. The lines are almost always interesting, yet the forms functional. More expensive than furniture made elsewhere, these master craftspeople have been able to command their prices due to the level of their skills and the quality of the products they create.

When Scandinavian furniture is purchased either new or antique it's often considered a purchase in art as well. The value of this furniture can withstand the test of time just like the product itself.

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