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By: Toma Villiam

‘Skin’ is the most sensitive sense of all the five senses, since it the first to react to any foreign element to which it may be exposed. Excessive exposure to sun and pollution may cause the skin to wrinkle early, closed pores and sun burns.
There are many types of skin like dry skin, oily skin etc, characterized by features like itchiness and pimples and scars respectively. Generally, our skin type depends upon our genes, but external factors also play an important role in determining your skin type. 乾燥肌 毛穴 The most naturally glowing skin may be damaged due to excessive exposure sun etc.

The skin is made up of small skin cells which are very sensitive and are highly prone to infection and damage. Regular sun exposure and like causes the skin to react and protect itself. When the skin is exposed to such adverse elements, the pores on the skin get clogged and the clogged pores thus form a dead skin cell layer. This dead skin layer prevents 乾燥肌 対策 fresh air to the pores and clogs the dirt and pollution inside only.

This clogging in turn makes your skin prone to dryness and acne, black heads etc. Skin experts renowned around the world recommend that one should wash her face at least twice a day. Taking care of your skin on a regular basis will result in naturally glowing skin overtime.
Our skin can only remain healthy, smooth and damage free when we cleanse it and moisturise it. Cleansing removes the dead skin cells layer and cleans the pores effectively while a moisturiser keeps it soft and supple. 乾燥肌 it prevents and cures the problem of dry skin with its anti dry skin formula and provides the perfect solution to your skin problem.

There are many types of face washes and cleansing gels available in the market promising what not. But it is very important to choose a right cleansing gel for your skin type as the wrong type may do more harm than good.

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