Say No to Plastic Bags and Welcome Recycle Paper Bags

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Everybody is aware of rising population in the world and due to this the waste pollution problem continues to grow as well. You can save your environment by using recycle paper bags in place of plastic bags. It can help reduce waste considerably more help the atmosphere by reduced demand for raw substances. We are living in an environment, so it is our responsibility to make it clean and tidy. So, say bye to plastic bags and welcome the recycle paper bags.

The Recycle Paper Bags are different kinds varying in size, shape, design, bag handle and colour. The Recycled paper bags are a popular variety, that boast of resilience and water resistance. These eco-friendly bags are the better option for retail bagging for some time now. More and more people and manufacturers, suppliers, entrepreneurs and consumers are taking interest in paper bags. Paper bags looks stylish, sophisticated and trendy. If you are a person who is concerned with the environment then you will definitely prefer paper bags.

Here are some of the points that will tell why paper bags are useful and how they are beneficial.

Paper bags are made from recycled paper, help in reducing the burden on natural resources and would also put to better use the waste paper produced from multiple other industries. Polyethylene, a synthetic substance produced from natural gas and petroleum, plastic bags lead to the depletion of these non-renewable natural resources.

Paper bags are biodegradable and polyethylene bags do not break down or disintegrate easily.

Polythene bags are dumped into oceans, many marine animals and birds mistakenly ingest polythene bags. Turtles often mistake them for jellyfish and swallow them. The plastic stays in their digestive system for a longer time, due to which they stop eating food and die of starvation.

Infants and young children have also been reported to have lost their life, on account of plastic bags. Since plastic bags are thin and airtight as well, children often end up blocking their mouths and nostrils with them. In case they are not being monitored by an adult, this leads to suffocation and, in some cases, even death.

Majority of the rubbish present there will comprise of plastic bags only. In other words, plastic bags have led to a great increase in the pollution levels.

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