Say No To Angular Cheilitis

By: Bart Icles

Having angular cheilitis is really embarrassing, not to mention, irritating and painful. Its presence on the face is definitely not flattering and some even find it disgusting. This type of wound is found on the corners of the mouth due to dryness and accumulation of bacteria or fungus. Aside from the unattractive wound, it is also painful during mouth movements. This includes daily activities of living such as chewing, biting, smiling, laughing and even talking! Imagine yourself putting a limit to all these activities. Wouldn't that be too bothersome?
Angular cheilitis is also called by different names such as perleche, angular stomatitis, or angular cheilosis. But whatever it's called, it still brings the same annoying symptoms that people don't dream of having.
This wound is formed when your lips or the mouth area becomes chaffed and then wounded. Usually when a person's lips are too dry, they tend to lick their lips to soothe the dryness. Bacteria and fungi may develop and accumulate the wounded area because these organisms are attracted to moisture, thus the formation of angular cheilitis.
If you don't want to have cheilitis, try to avoid habits which may lead to this condition. Prevent from doing things which may make your mouth prone to cracking. If you are fond of biting your lips or nail and pen biting, train yourself to stop doing those. These activities may make your lips dry and end up chapped. Also, be more cautious of the beauty products that you apply to your lips or face. Sometimes, the skin is sensitive to some ingredients in your beauty product and may produce untoward reactions such as irritation or dryness. Before using a new product, try a small area of your skin and if there are no allergic or irritating reactions, proceed with using it. Sometimes even basic products such as toothpaste could cause untoward reactions to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, take extra precautions.
If you already have this condition, fear not for there are a lot of angular cheilitis cures. Try to consult a dermatologist to determine what kind of infection you have. If the doctor diagnosed you of having a bacterial infection, he or she will be prescribing you an antibacterial or antibiotic. However, if he finds out that it is a fungal infection, an antifungal ointment will be prescribed. There are also a lot of home remedies one can utilize. In fact, some say that they are even more effective compared to the ointments prescribed by doctors.
Angular cheilitis can be avoided. You just have to be conscious of your habits which may lead to acquiring this condition.

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