Say Goodbye to Your Loved One with Ash Scattering Ceremony

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Are you experiencing the pain of losing a loved one? Do you want to honor their memory, celebrate the life of that person, celebrate their life, move on and provide special closure for that person all at the same time? We have something special in mind for you
There are several ways to send off a loved one who has passed away. Some of the most popular options are the traditional burial on a cemetery, cremation and the scattering of ashes at sea, or by air, and burial at sea. It is important that you understand each of the options before choosing, but the written wishes of the deceased and the wishes of the next-of-kin in the absence of such wishes should come first.
Cremation burial is the burial you burn a dead human with a very a temperature, or the use of chemicals to dissolve the body or vaporization.
Cemetery burial is the burial you do at the local cemetery where you bury the diseased.
Burial at sea: this is the disposal of un-cremated human remains into the sea; this has been around for thousands of years originated from Australia. It is a good idea today because it is cheaper than burial on a cemetery as the cemetery space is scarce and expensive. Other reasons to consider burial at sea are that the eternal cycle of the waters of the ocean and environmental conservation.
In Burial at sea ceremony, the ocean waters and serene skies of Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean are perfect for such important moments, for tributes and for the healing of grieving souls. That's why burials at sea are considered by many people a return to nature, to peace of mind and a reconnection with the place where we all come from.
Obviously we need professionalism and quality services when organizing this type of special event, especially one with as much meaning as someone's passing. This is why our company burial at sea Long Beach is exactly what you are looking for. Renting a yacht or motor boat and letting the entire organization of the burial on our professional's hands is a very effective way to get things done well and to allow you the time to emotionally prepare for the ash scattering ceremony.
Such a ceremonial will allow you the time to get in touch with your feelings, heal and try to forget about the sorrows and heartache while celebrating your loved one's life without having to worry about anything. The staff will get everything done exactly the way you choose making the ceremony unique from any of the other burials at sea. The motor boat or yacht can host family and friends while a priest or other celebrant says the desired prayers. If you prefer a more personal ash scattering to a formal one, we want you to know that everything can be arranged to your taste and wishes. Whatever your choice may be, the setting will bring you peace of mind to the loved ones as well as to the other people present.
When family or friends depart from this life, we sometimes feel the need to have some kind of finality, a way to heal our hurts and to regain hope. Reconnecting to nature and with our mother ocean is an option many consider through their burials at sea. Sometimes this is the request of the ones who have already left us behind or the only way to begin the healing process.
Burial at sea ceremony is the best way to honor our loved ones and the short period of time we have on this earth. The sound of the waves resembles the sweet music of life reminding of the rhythm and flow of things. The view of the blue, immense ocean inspires us to feel calm and serene just as we all should be after burials at sea. A burial at the sea ceremony is the perfect way to regain spiritual peace and learn how to say goodbye to our loved ones.

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