Saving Money while getting Debt Relief

By: Steven Turner

Are you paying off as much of your debts as you could be? No seriously I ask this because many people do not realise that there are other ways in which they can have more disposable income to reduce their debt and in many cases people are not paying off the maximum amount that they have available, or even possibly available.
So onto How to Save money, you pay out for things almost every day without even thinking about it, your lunch at work, coffee from the coffee machine at work, petrol to and from work, bus fare to work, train fare to work, groceries from the local store and so on. The fact is by thinking about all of these and putting in a little more effort you can make that extra saving.
The major factor in this is that you are looking to save money and to make sure you save money you need to invest time, but by doing small simple tasks you will start to save money and not pay out as much each month meaning you can get out of debt faster.
Buying your lunch at work could be costing you a few hundred dollars a month, in many cases people have subsidized restaurants in the work place however this could still be costing you money. Have you ever thought about making your lunch at home and eating it in the sunshine? I know you are currently thinking "I don't have time in the mornings to make lunch!" Well make it the night before and put it in the fridge that way you don't have to find extra time in the busy morning period.
The temptation of the coffee machine at work has often taken me by surprise with a number of visits a day you don't realize until you look at what you are drinking and how much of it. Each cup is like drinking spare cash. Yes that is right each cup of coffee you have that you pay for could be saved by simply drinking a glass of water from the FREE water cooler or make a flask at home and drink that the cost will be a fraction of what you currently pay out weekly for your coffee.
Driving to and from work is an expensive thing if you live a fair way away from work, talk to your work colleagues and ask if they live on route or close to you so you can share the cost of getting to and from work you could half the cost of getting to and from work.
Many people use public transport to get to and from work, if you are taking the bus or the train in most cases it is cheaper to go less stops. So why not try to get off a stop earlier and walk that extra distance to get to work or home from work, this is also really good for you so you get that extra benefit.
You know that really convenient little shop on the way home where you pick up most of your weekly shopping? Well chances are that they are just that little bit more expensive on the essentials than the larger chains. I love small business in fact I am a small business all on my own but for the things you need on a daily basis they are fantastic but to save money and get out of debt you need to start thinking about a bulk buy at the larger stores.
Saving money sounds easy but when you think about the money you spend needlessly each week on things you could get elsewhere at a much reduced cost you would probably start to see that it can be achieved quickly and effectively. Making simple changes can save you more money than you realize in the long term.

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