Save the Day with Natural Hand Sanitizer

By: Donavan Foley

Germs and bacteria are everywhere these days, and it is important that you and your family are protected. Bacteria is a major cause for nearly all gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses. Minimizing the amount of harmful bacteria in your environment will help you to maintain a healthy immune system. You want to stay clean and limit bacteria, but there is not always a bathroom around to wash your hands. Better yet, maybe you just want a quick way to clean your hands and kill germs without running to the bathroom every ten minutes. If this is the case, the use of hand sanitizer will be very effective.

Have you ever been at a big event and lost count of all the handshakes you've engaged in? It starts to slip your mind, and then all of a sudden you shake that last hand. That clammy, sweaty hand that sends shivers up your spine. Of course, dinner is always served immediately after you touch this clammy hand. The line to the bathroom is gigantic and food is already coming out to the table. This is it, you think. You may have to touch your food despite the clammy residue. Devastating, you think. But wait, there is a solution!

This does not have to happen if you utilize hand sanitizer. You can pull out your trusty bottle of hand sanitizer and destroy those germs in an instant. Clammy hand disaster averted. Meal accomplished. You can even pass the bottle around the table to save others who have likely come in contact with this spine-shivering clammy hand. Something as simple as this can prevent the potential spread of disease. At the very least, it will ensure that you have a more comfortable and worry-free meal. Nobody likes to eat with dirty hands!

Hand sanitizer can do more than just prevent discomfort from clammy hands. It has the ability to protect you from diseases by killing off harmful germs and bacteria.

So you are convinced. You finally realize that hand sanitizer is a daily essential and can save you from unhealthy bacteria. Now begs the question, how do you choose the right kind of hand sanitizer? Are they all the same?

All hand sanitizers are not the same! You can choose either alcohol based hand sanitizers or natural hand sanitizers. As you can probably guess, natural hand sanitizers are the better alternative. While alcohol sanitizers can dry out your hands, natural sanitizers are moisturizing. They also do not contain any harsh or toxic chemicals. In order to even be effective, alcohol sanitizers have to contain at least 60% alcohol! Natural hand sanitizers clean hands without toxic chemicals or the need for any percentage of alcohol. They can also be more effective!

There are just too many germs in the world today. Whether you come in contact with the awkward clammy hand or grab on to the bus rail, hand sanitizer can provide a quick and easy solution. And when choosing hand sanitizers, natural sanitizers are the best option.

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