Save Your Company from Corporate Amnesia with Hexigo’s Knowledge Management Systems

By: Julia Bennet

This article outlines the importance of having knowledge management system that you can trust so that the decision making process much quicker. Business practitioners will tell that the frequency with which you can make decisions means the difference between success and failure. Fail to employ principles of knowledge management and you will end up having no decisions made and that business opportunity that came your way will disappear just like that.

It is vital for every institution to have a repository of information. This databank serves as a reference point for people who are looking to leverage this information in order to ensure the achievement of corporate goals. Knowledge management becomes important in this regard as it makes the process of finding usable knowledge all that quicker. To this end, knowledge management systems are important for any organization looking to take advantage of all the information that is available to them.

Knowledge management systems are important in that you can crowd source knowledge. Most people tend to overlook this process citing that it is prone to having a lot of noise. To some extent, this notion is true but it is limited to a context where there is no organized way of presenting ones thoughts and opinions. It is very difficult for one to wrangle a crowd. However knowledge management systems take the confusion and the noise out completely and what you are left with is a situation where you can source information very readily. To this end, Hexigo has a system that ensures that one can source information from their employees getting their input on matters that have to do with the company. This involvement ensures that the employees feel valued and that their point of view is taken into consideration.

It is expected that organizations will have some turnover of employees and new ones will come in while old ones leave. When new employees come in, they have to have a gist of how the company operates so that they can hit the ground running. To this end, they will have to have some background information on the company and the past decisions. This is where knowledge management systems come in. The system itself should be very easy to comprehend and use without much hassle. There are systems that are very tasking and they take away the hours that one could spend working just to master how it works. Knowledge management should be organized in such a way that it is easy for one to use and access information. Hexigo is a system that allows employees access to past decisions and how they were reached. This will aid them in making new ones and even better the ones that were made.

Knowledge management software is designed to protect against corporate amnesia, which afflicts many companies today. When one cannot get a sense of who they are it is very hard for them to have a sense of what they can become in future.

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