Save Resources With Sprinkler System Savvy

By: Tom Sample

Installing a good lawn sprinkler system is a great idea for home and business owners who want to ensure their yards look good and possibly save some money, too. For the water conscious, specialized sprinklers can really help ensure what's used is actually what's needed.

In general, a good sprinkler system will enable a section of a lawn or the entire lawn to be watered at once. If computerized setting systems are used, the watering can even be programmed to last a set time or even end after a certain amount of water has been applied.

For maximum effectiveness, however, lawn sprinklers must be set up correctly and they must also be programmed right. All too often homeowners have their sprinkler heads pointed at the sidewalks, cars and even the road outside. These impermeable surfaces won't benefit from your water and you'll be throwing away your money. Try to set and adjust sprinkler heads so they water only the lawn or plantings. If you don't know how, check with the company that installed them or local conservation organizations.

Depending on what region you live in there may be watering restrictions in place. This means watering can only take place on certain days and at certain times. Watering outside the allowed window can result in stiff fines. This is where a computerized setting system really can pay off. By setting the system correctly, it can automatically turn itself on at the correct time on the right day. Sometimes these can even be programmed to only water for a set amount of water or for a specific time period.

And here is where some common sense comes into play. Many homeowners over water, a lot. In general, a yard only needs a minimal amount of water to thrive and look beautiful. Sprinkling is meant to supplement rain, not replace it. More than what's needed can cause root rot issues and other problems that will make a lawn look positively awful.

So, before you set your sprinklers and fire them up, there are a few things to do to make sure your lawn looks great and you don't get in trouble by breaking local conservation rules. These include:

* Make sure you understand any local watering restrictions and how they apply to your lawn. You may have set days and times during which you can water or you may not. Call the water department or other such agency to find out.

* Know your grass and how it behaves during the season you're in. If you don't know how much water your grass requires in the summer, call a nursery, visit one or even check with a Cooperative Extensive Service office in your area. Remember, too little water and your lawn will look brown and dried out. Too much water and it will rot. Either way, your investment can be hurt.

Keeping a beautiful, well-manicured lawn is an investment in time and money. A lawn sprinkler system can help ensure maintenance is done correctly, but it needs to be installed right and programmed correctly. Make sure to follow local laws and don't forget to find out exactly what kind of care your yard really needs.

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