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By: Woody Maxim

I mentioned in my blog that outsourcing workers costs you money, and it's true. Sure, it sounds good to turn to cheap labor, often located over seas, for your needs. Who doesn't fall for the temptation of saving a bundle on a project? If you look at the big picture, though, outsourcing your work, especially overseas, ends up costing you more.

Take a look at what you need for your project. I know that if there is something you need that you aren't good at providing, giving the task to someone who is better at it than you is the wise choice. Make a list of the different aspects of your project. Now take a look at your self and your team. Do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? Do you know your team's strengths and weaknesses? Use that knowledge to get the project done in house.

That's right, start matching your team mates to different aspects of the project. Use what you know about areas of expertise everyone has to make a good fit. Take a moment to double check your list of project aspects. If you've paid attention, the entire project should be able to be done in house using your own team. You just saved yourself a bundle of money!

The next step is communication. Call a meeting or schedule an online chat with your team mates. Tell them about the project, and about how you've divided it up. This gives them the opportunity to speak up before you commit and let you know if they are rusty in an area and need help or reassignment, or if they have too much on their plate to tackle an extra project right now. That gives you a chance to sort the details out before the project is due, rather than having a last minute panic.

Once everyone has clear assignments, create a time line for each part of the project. These mini deadlines are a key way to stay focused and to save time. They are also an important way to catch any small errors or issues along the way, before they become too big to fix. Team management like this is what will help make handling your project in house more cost effective.

What happens if your team is not available, or doesn't have the knowledge to complete a project? That's easy. If you must outsource, stay close to home. Choose a freelancer from your own country, who speaks your native language, not an over seas work house. The cost of hiring non native speakers from another country is often in having to hire more people to fix their errors after the fact. This means you run the risk of not only paying when you outsource over seas, but paying twice for the same project!

Look first for freelancers in your country, then narrow the search even further by seeking freelancers close to you. The closer the freelancer you use for outsourcing, the easier it will be to follow up on the work as it progresses. Also, pay attention to your quotes. Unless you are hiring a coder or programmer, you should not pay hourly. Most freelancers charge per page, per picture, per book, or per word with a concrete list of how many revisions are included and a time table. Focusing on details like these will keep your costs down even when you can't do your project in house.

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