Save Electricity - Recycle, Reuse, or Reduce?

By: Jordan Adam

Electricity plays a big role in our everyday life. We use electricity in almost every activity we carry out either at our home or office. We may end up using power more than we might realize and thus will have to combat with the long utility bills at the end. However, when talking about United Stated alone the statistics are overwhelming to look at. Americans make up only 5% of the total world's population, but use almost about one third of the entire earth's energy resources. This is not all, as the United States of America also tops on the list for creating almost half of the waste on the globe which is equal to the same amount of waste that all the other countries on the planet generate together.

As the energy consumption in the U.S.A grows year to year and also the amount of waste it is the suitable time to think about energy conservation on our planet. There are growing numbers of things that we must be concerned about like the degradation of our environment, global warming, climate change, and high consumption of energy and natural resources. However, there is a lot to think about.

A probable solution for such growing concerns can be through the implementation of these three measures- Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

• Recycle:
It is very astonishing to see that about 40% of all of the energy used in the U.S.A is used to generate power. Most of the power in the United States is generated from fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, and oil that can be easily recycled. Thus, by recycling small amounts of the energy used, the consumers will tend to buy less and so there will be a considerable cut out on their utility bills as well. Apart from that, it also helps to reduce the emissions from burning these fossil fuels thus protecting the earth’s environment.

• Reuse:
Producing electrical items uses a lot of energy and valuable materials. Also the manufacture of such electrical appliances may discharge harmful chemicals that can get into the environment and harm people or animals both. Hence, in order to get protected from such potential hazards and also to cut on cost you can reuse the items and hold them for long instead of purchasing them again and again. Electrical items like cables, plugs and batteries can be reused easily.

• Reduce:
Do you know why it is so important to save electricity in your home or office? It's because most of the utility companies produce power by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Therefore, the energy that is produced by burning of these fossil fuels contributes to various environmental issues like global warming, climate change by polluting the earth’s environment. Hence, reducing the energy consumption will help in maintaining a better and greener Eco system.

Apparently, one of the biggest reasons why energy must be Recycled or reused is the soaring electricity prices of the Connecticut Electricity and almost all the United States energy rates. Thus, by reducing the amount of energy used one can save a considerable amount of money invested in Connecticut Electricity purchase. Along with saving money, this also increases the energy security, and reduces the pollution that is emitted from the non renewable sources of energy.

Thus, a few simple changes to your lifestyle can significantly reduce great amounts of energy and also can help us to keep our environment clean and healthy. The added benefit of this can however be a great saving on the energy cost.

Remember, preservation is not the only solution to the energy problems, but it is part of the solution. Being smart and getting the Best Electricity Prices from Connecticut also adds up!

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