Save A Small Fortune When You Buy Your Next Used Car

By: Michelle Baskin

If you've ever thought about how you could save $1000s purchasing your next vehicle, you should read on.

Every month thousands of vehicles are seized by government law enforcement agencies, lending organizations and other loan companies in foreclosure actions. These vehicles cost too much to store and so they are auctioned off. Some of these vehicles can be picked up at low cost from government car auctions.

The purpose of seizing vehicles is to raise cash quickly for the various agencies, so they are quickly auctioned to raise funds. Storing these cars for any length of time would cost additional money, and the car would be worth less as time passes. The objective is to sell the car at auction as quickly as possible to recover some of the money from them.

Luckily for you these auctions are available to the public, so anyone can bid on and secure a car fur much less than its true. The starting price has known to be as low as $100 at these car auctions. But not everyone is aware that these car auctions are even taking place, and only a select few switched on bidders were securing these bargains for themselves.

Government car auctions are not widely advertised, so it can be difficult to find out when and where they are running. Sometimes small adverts for these auctions will appear in the local press, but you would need to carefully check the press every day or you might miss them. It is because there is little advertising of these government auctions that you can pick up a car cheaply. There can also be other assets auctioned at the same time, including seized homes and property, so it can prove useful to know when and where these auctions are.

Even though you could save a substantial amount of money, you should always carry out proper research before attending a government car auction. It can be very easy to get caught up in a bidding war, especially if there is a particular type of car that you really want. You will want to ensure that in the heat of bidding that you don't actually end up paying more than the car is worth. You should therefore check the true value of a vehicle before the car auction begins and limit yourself to a top price you can afford to pay. No matter what happens at the actual seized car auction, don't bid above this price. Steady your nerves as it is likely that another similar vehicle will turn up at an alternative seized car auction soon. Remember that thousands of vehicles are being seized every month.

Researching when and where these auctions take place can be a lot of work. Seized assets including cars and property might turn up at an auction in a different town, or even different state from where they were seized. There are many government departments each holding their own auctions. As well as this there are many different lending organizations and other loan companies, who will usually hold seperate auctions at different times. Sometimes seized asset auctions are also held 'on-site'. This is when items may be auctioned by a liquidated company, but the items are too large to ship to the auction house. For these auctions, the auctioneer goes to the vendor and carries out the auction at their premises.

If you are serious about trying to get a bargain on your next car purchase, or even buy a property at below market value as a property investor, it would be well worth your while to join an online government auction site that collates all the details of government and foreclosure auctions for you. It may cost $40 or $50 to become a member of a site like this, but it will save you lots of time trying to hunt down these auctions yourself. Just think that the bargain you might secure will save you many times more than the membership fee. As well as that, think about the amount of research the different auctions would save you.

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Michelle Baskin has carefully researched seized car auctions and asks you to make a choice. You can choose to pay top dollar for your next car from a dealer or you can join a government auction resource and save a bundle when the next seized car auction comes to a town near you. Find out if the car of your dreams is appearing at one soon by visiting http://seized-car-auctions-63926

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