Sardar jokes are one of the kinds of jokes founded on typecast of Sikhs

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Sardar is a word from Irani language. It represents a label of nobleness that was initially applied to symbolize prince, noblemen, and other upper class personalities. It is also used to refer to a ruler or boss of an ethnic group or crowd.
Sardar is also technically used to mention mature male supporters of Sikhism, as an uneven amount of Sikhs have respectably served in lots of prominent positions inside the Indian military.
The primary values of Sardars are trust in Waheguru—symbolized by a phrase which means one God, in conjunction with a praxis wherein the Sardar is enjoined to slot in communal restructuring in the course of the chase of impartiality for all mankind. Sardars supports the search of deliverance in a societal framework during the congregational practice of rumination on the name and communication of God.
The geneses of Sardar recline in the wisdom of Guru Nanak and his descendants. The spirit of Sardar's coaching is summarized by Nanak in this statement: "Realization of Truth is higher than all else. Higher still is truthful living". Sardar's philosophy gives emphasis to the rule of egalitarianism of all mankind and discards favoritism on the roots of class, dogma, and sex. Sardar's main beliefs persuade living existence as a householder.

Currently Sardars are in attendance in each state and they have achieved a countable population in each area. But we have to admit that they acquired their origination in India and it should even be acknowledged that they moved away from the Hindu society and as indicated by regulation time-honored in India they are administered underneath the Hindu commandments intended for the reason of wedding, for the purpose of custodians and zones and for the principles of succession and they are chasing those rulings and are compliant with the same.
Sardar community, being very famous because of the strong background, customs and traditions, has always been targeted by public at large in the form of Jokes. Sardarji jokes or Sardar jokes are one of the kinds of jokes founded on typecast of Sikhs. Even though jokes regarding more than a few racial typecast are widespread in India, the Sardar jokes are among the trendiest and extensively distributed racial jokes in India and Pakistan. Sardar jokes are usually measured flavorless and unsuitable by people from the Sikh society.
It is very sad but a common belief these days that Sardar community have vanished a great deal of their self-respect and have turn out to be thin-skinned like other societies. They get offended at anybody attempting to create joke of them. So it required boldness to circulate jokes in relation to them and after a long wait the Sardar community is protesting against these jokes. It is their right too. Ideas printing department in fact printed a Sikh joke mini-book! This distressed the society very much and they even lodged a complaint to the cops. In fact Sardar community has even requested the police force to prohibit Sardar Jokes & Funny Sardar SMS on the net.
It is really weird that in our state people create such a hue and they cry hard when particular group of people and social groups are under attack and made the strike of jokes, but creating jokes regarding Sardar by no means elevated any objections. I believe this mirror on the moderate approach of the society and as well the reality that they are in no doubt that these jokes are utter garbage and do not in anyhow demonstrates the society in a factual way. However, there are definite limits & boundaries to fun and I believe in today's era of opinionated correctness and the extensive easy access of the internet, it is significant that we are responsive to the thoughts of every community, whether it Sardar, Parsi, Hindus, Muslims or any other

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