Sandwich and American urban culture

By: Hayden

American author of "sandwich" Becky Mercuri says: "Like Spaghetti is a part of the Italian life, sandwiches are part of American life. Since the United States industrialization, for our country on "car wheels", sandwich is the best food." Different regions, production methods are not the same, reflecting a variety of local ingredients, crop growth, as well as immigrant groups.
New York: Rubin sandwich
Rubin sandwich is baked together with bully beef, Swiss cheese, pickles and Russia seasonings, first appeared in Nebraska in the 1920s, still appear in the 10's or 30's in New York City? It has long been debated, but no one questioned Rubin sandwich is developed in the New York Jewish deli. Lower East Side of Manhattan is increasingly bustling, where Katz Deli red brick wall is enough to show that it has the longest history. Nowhere can find more traditional Rubin sandwich than here. Workers in the store need to handmade 5000 pounds corned beef sandwiches a week, entered the shop to order, you must first get a number. Eisenberg sandwich shop is a store in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, but favored by celebrities. The shop is sold corned beef or turkey Rubin sandwich; an egg sandwich plus a glass of eggnog or lemon drink, great.
Philadelphia: Beef Cheese Sandwich
In the 1940s, South Philadelphia street corner of Ninth Street and Passyunk Pat steak kingdom, for the first time will be added to the cheese steak sandwiches, from then on the classic section of Philadelphia cheese steak sandwich comes out. However, its competitor Geno steakhouse in the opposite of the street claims that their steak cheese sandwiches taste better, melt cheese with onions and peppers together placed inside the slender Italian bread. Which is better in the end it? Pat Kingdom cut up beef, Geno is not chopped; Pat Kingdom counters use white clapboard, and Geno steak house is bright orange. Two stores are both set dining areas. Outside A few blocks, there is a Cosmi Deli, commenced operations in 1932, is an Italian family business, people are frantically obsessed with this house cheese steak sandwich in the vicinity. Although limited furniture store, it can not stop the repeat customers to patronize, they stood outside the shop "destroy" the so-called "Philadelphia Need", notice, they put their head out to eat a sandwich, instead of putting the sandwich into the mouth, in order to avoid oil stain splashes on cloth.
Miami: Cuban Sandwich
Cuba sandwich is the perfect combination of Cuban bread, barbecue, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles, press flat to bake. Around in 1900, with the Cuban cigar workers leaving the country to the U.S., Cuban sandwich landed in Florida. Versailles restaurant is known as "Little Havana" reputation, Cuban sandwich in shop uses home-baked bread, long attracted the rich within the community to patronize; no matter have dinner in the restaurant, or outside the shop counter next to the dining together with local Spaniards, certainly order a cup of Cafecito coffee. Enta Rick Bistro is located in the heart of Wynwood, simple and fashion, here sandwiches and Spanish rice with chicken, tempt too many gallery owners, auto mechanics, and nearby people come to visit.
New Orleans: Muffuletta sandwich
One into the central supermarket, you will feel olives fragrant. Central supermarket has a long history. In the early 1900s pioneered the Muffuletta sandwiches. Its name is originated from Sicily sesame buns, in the middle of bread is placed the mozzarella, provolone, Italian cold cuts and olive salad. Come out of the central supermarket, walk three blocks to the French Quarter in the Jackson Square to enjoy the Muffuletta sandwiches, perhaps half are enough, because sandwiches are too big there. Walk a few blocks to the upstream along the river, there is a landmark building - Napoleon House, built in 1797 during the French colonial rule, which is said to be refuge
prepared for the French emperor Napoleon exile refuge, and now Napoleon House provides customers with Muffuletta sandwiches; outdoor patio overshadows, classical music echoed in the ears, extremely comfortable.

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