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5 tips on how to Improve Your Website's Visibility
Websites that force customers to read more without any attractions don't get much business from their websites. Miniscule fonts, arguments in colors that make it harder to see against the dark background color, and curves that are accumulated on top all add to the problems, but they are simple to correct. Let's jump in and focus on 5 simple fixes:
1. Use CSS to format your textCascading Appearance Sheets (CSS) are the way to go - It is much easier to maintain the appearance of a Web site. If you use a single CSS file updating this file allows the Web site look-and-feel to be altered easily; in contrast use of HTML formatting elements would require every file to be updated to change the appearance. CSS will define the appearance of HTML pages when they are printed. It also will provide much greater accessibility, allowing users with special needs to alter the appearance of a Web page to suit their requirements. CSS also allows Web sites to be more easily seen by special devices, such as speaking browsers, PDAs, etc.
2. Use H1-H4 Tags to attract Consider adding H1 to H4 tags for your titles to highlight your product/services in your text. The visitor will be more attracted by your text decoration and it will help for your placement.
3. Use text contrast color with background
More contrast = the better the attraction. White background and Black text are the best examples for the easiest contrast for your website. Color choices depend on your own likes and feels but simple contrasts can really enhance your presence.
4. Give the lines room to breathe Use the line-spacing directive in CSS and give it some space; I'll often set line spacing to 140% of the height of a typical line.
5. Appropriate space between texts No matter how great of a writer you are, people don't want to read endless pages of text. Break it up by using suitable titles that reflect the content of the paragraph(s) so customers can browse down to the locations that suit them, or use bulleted lists to slow down the scanning. Making sure your website's content is added clear is easy. It doesn't yield a lot of time, and the payoff will be that customers will stick around long enough on your site to get your full message.

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