San Antonio Divorce Lawyer: Laying The Groundwork For A Smooth Divorce

By: Amy Geistweidt

Our society teaches us to believe that a marriage should be one of the most sacred and enduring relationships in our life. However, sometimes unmanageable conflict and ongoing tension can irreparably sever the bonds of trust and love that hold a marriage together, and we are faced with the painful fact that our wedding vows no longer hold any meaning for us. A divorce can drastically alter the lives of the individuals involved. It can also prove detrimental to the children of divorcing parents, often having long-term consequences for their emotional development. San Antonio divorce lawyers can help you recover from this difficult phase in your life by providing you with the legal expertise necessary to obtain your divorce.

The child’s mind is programmed to be receptive to positive and self-affirming events. In his famous book I’m OK, You’re OK, Thomas Harris clearly conveys the importance of positive strokes in helping a child develop a constructive self-image. Parental support is therefore essential in the early formative years of the child. However, a divorce between the parents risks completely robbing the child of the attention and love he deserves by refocusing the parents’ energy on the ongoing conflict with their spouse.

After a divorce, the parents are free to move on and choose a new partner. However, a child cannot choose new parents. Therefore, child custody is the most important consideration when it comes to resolving disputes related to divorce. The court will always take into consideration the best interest of the child. Proper care must be taken to ensure that the child is shielded from emotional damages and continues to receive proper care and attention. Issues relating to child visitation can be resolved as promptly as possible by a San Antonio divorce in order to minimize disruption to the child’s life.

For a couple going through a divorce, there are various legal issues that require assistance from a San Antonio divorce lawyer. Apart from child custody concerns, issues involving alimony and the distribution of property can result in intense disputes unless care is taken to manage the conflict responsibly. Keep in mind that a court litigation is a very tedious process that involves a lot of paperwork, time, and expense. A San Antonio divorce lawyer can help you settle your divorce case and recover with your finances intact.

Divorce litigation often results in prolonged bitterness between the estranged parties. Moreover, the decisions involved in a divorce case generally take time, and this can delay the individuals’ opportunity to make a fresh start for themselves. To avoid the hassles inherent to traditional litigation proceedings, an uncontested divorce is increasingly preferable to contested divorce. A meditative divorce involves an out-of-court discussion between both spouses and their representative lawyers, wherein both sides engage in negotiations to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon arrangement. The process is carried out in an amicable manner, and an experienced San Antonio family law attorney helps the parties to arrive at an agreeable solution. Not only is this process more cost-effective than litigation, it also helps mitigate some of the grief experienced by both the divorcing couple and the children who are caught up in the conflict.

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