San Antonio Divorce: Make Divorce A More Peaceful Experience

By: Amy Geistweidt

A healthy marriage is built on a foundation of trust. Unfortunately, many factors can erode this trust over time, often leading to a painful separation. Though divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences an individual can go through, San Antonio divorce lawyers can help mitigate some of the grief by ensuring that the divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible.

The divorce process will inevitably be simpler if both spouses have mutually agreed to the divorce in advance and are mentally prepared for the consequences. An uncontested divorce is one in which both partners are in agreement over the decision to file for divorce.

However, divorce involves much more than the emotional trauma of separation. Divorce is a complex legal process that requires the guidance of a qualified divorce attorney. Lawyers San Antonio have expertise in navigating the complex legal formalities inherent to divorce cases. A competent lawyer can help simplify the process of your San Antonio divorce.

Often, the most glaring questions that follow the decision to divorce will concern issues of child custody. Parental separation initiates a restructuring of the parental rights. If a mutual decision can be reached between the separating parents, then there may be no need for the court to mediate. However, in cases of dispute between the parents, the court must decide matters concerning the custody of the children.

In the case of competing parents, the court always decides in the best interest of the child. Texas law outlines various guidelines that govern which parent will be assigned proprietorship and how visitation should proceed. A San Antonio divorce lawyer ensures the right Child Custody San Antonio even after the parents have separated.

The divorce procedure will progress much more smoothly if the contesting parties settle all claims and dues amicably. Mediation is a very productive way to encourage a more harmonious divorce process. A competent San Antonio divorce lawyer specializing in mediation will help ensure that both parties can settle the matter amicably without having to resort to fighting in court.

Collaborative divorce also offers a more peaceful alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. Collaborative divorce is a unique method wherein both parties, along with the lawyers representing them, sit down together to arrive at a mutually acceptable decision. A divorce lawyer who specializes in collaborative law can help you resolve your disputes outside of a courtroom setting.

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