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By: Mel Joelle

Going for the beat Apps For Samsung Seek you can find some of them which will tickle your fancy. You need not go for the applications that are of poor quality. There are many apps out there and many more are being developed each day. Ensure that you go for an application that well suits your mobile phone model. With this, you will be able to enjoy your purchase more.

If you are more into games, you need to consider a game called Abduction! This game involves the player being a bouncing car. Your mission will be to save the rest of the heard from the aliens. This game will work well for you during those sleepy, boring afternoons. There is also the Paper Toss. This is not what you would expect from such a game but it is one game that will keep you playing on and on. In this game, your main task is to throw a ball of crumpled paper into a trashcan. With this, you will not be walking in the park. This is because of the annoying fan that acts as your nemeses. This game will keep you playing.

There is also the Steaming Window. This is also as interesting. Have you been in the car while it’s raining outside and you are tempted to write on the steam on the window? You can now do this from your mobile phone. All you need to do is blow into the microphone and steam will form on the screen, so you can keep on writing and writing.

If you are more into official stuff, you can now read the PDFs online. You need not be angered by the mails you receive on your phone only to be unable to read them. The .pdf files will no longer be troublesome to read. This is because Adobe introduces the mobile version of Adobe PDF Reader. The other thing you need on your phone is an antivirus program. This is because, with the nature of your business, you will be able to scan and keep your security status on point.

Have you ever wondered what some friend of yours tells you that you can scan an image for you? You can scan barcodes as well as much other stuff using the Barcode Scanner app. There are these things called QR codes you need to scan. All you have to do is scan over an image of this code and you will be able to redirect the phone to the website associated with the code. The other application you can use is the Bump. This is an interesting application, which allows you to bump your phone to another, and you transfer data. This application looks too good to be true but works.

You can download apps for your social sites’ needs. There is the Official Facebook App that will keep you connected to your friends, family and all else that matter to you. There is also an app for Twitter.

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