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By: Mel Joelle

In 2003, Windows was the only game in town. Various mobile phone makers had their own operating systems, but there was no strong major alternative to Windows for any device. Things have changed a lot since then! With the proliferation of mobile phones, the emergence of Android, the gathering popularity of e-readers, the resurgence of Apple and the appearance of the iPad, the computing world has gone fairly crazy with new platforms.

Windows has certainly become less prominent, but it still holds an astoundingly firm grip on the PC market. However, one platform that once showed much promise seems to have slipped from the limelight: Java.

But Java isn’t dead. Despite not being talked about much, Java is very much alive and well. At Samsung, Java carries on being deployed on almost all mobile products produced by the phone maker.

Indeed, today, Samsung provides the primary market for Java applications. Although Java comes installed on most smartphones, there’s one big contender that doesn’t run java: iPhone. Because of the lack of a universal smartphone platform, other companies have tended to focus on their own platforms. In fact, just about every major smartphone maker now has their own operating system.

That leaves Samsung Java as the last major manufacturer that provides a market for Java applications. There are plenty of applications available at the Samsung store, and one benefit of Samsung Java apps is that many also can run on your Samsung television. There are hundreds of applications available at the Samsung app store.

There are all kinds of great information apps, many of which are free. From Alergy Report to Biorythm, to how to wear a scarf, these exciting apps will keep the most curious person entertained for hours. Calculating your biorhythms, for example, helps you know when you’re going to have an off day – what a great way to know when not to ask for a raise! You can also get color blindness tests and hearing tests.

Sports applications are another major category of Samsung Java apps. Unlike the Biorythm program, the yoga guide helps you have a great day every day, by teaching you how to keep in shape. The NHL application lets you watch up to 40 NHL games a week.

The “lifestyle” applications present a particularly eclectic group. You can “break” your TV with a gun, a bomb, or a hammer. This exciting application is free. If you’ve invited distinguished guests over you can use Afternoon Tea to get some tips on how to serve the best and most interesting teas, also a free application. Armchair astronaut, an application exclusively for television, lets you explore the solar system.

And, of course, there are hundreds of games, many of which are exclusively for television. Titles include everything from Extreme Hangman to Catch the Toast and Burger Tycoon. Burger Tycoon gives you a great chance to see what it’s like behind the counter of a fast food restaurant.

Ultimately, although Java isn’t the language of choice for many developers today, there are plenty of Samsung Java applications still available.

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