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By: Mel Joelle

Turning in revenue of nearly $40B on its mobile operations alone, Samsung is the second biggest handset manufacturer in the world. As such, it presents a huge market for game developers. Plenty of developers have stepped in to fill the market. Sites have proliferated across the web for Samsung Java game downloads.

There are tons of different types of games, and usually they’re free or pretty cheap. Here are a few of the more interesting ones.

One really cool looking one is “Tribia” – that’s Try-Be-Uh – from NOMOC publishing. With dinosaurs and saber tooth tigers haunting the same tropical looking forests, it doesn’t get an “A” for pre-historic accuracy. But as you and your tribe battle to build a civilization in the wilderness, you’ll enjoy the quirky graphics, and at the same time have a great strategic challenge. Sharpen your stone axes and prepare to build straw huts.

If you like high-speed death games Outlaw Racing by tqm will keep you in a deadly smash race with your opponents. You’ll drive across the world through real locations on different types of quests, from “death matches” to time-based competitions. It’ll certainly give you something to do while you’re waiting for the bus!

Some games are utterly bizarre, but intriguing in a disturbed sort of way. In this category is “Postal Babes” by HeroCraft. The premise is that the first year undergraduate girls have been taken hostage by “Maniacs” at the local university – someone has to save them. In step the scantily clad, curvaceous, weapon-wielding Postal Babes. It’s not at all clear whether the Postal Babes have any official relationship with the post office. But you can be sure that they’ll “go postal” on the radicals. This game gets an A for just being weird.

Wapfrog provides something of the tamer variety: simple blackjack. Download this one to your smartphone and test yourself for potential gambling addiction.

Some people live their lives believing they were born in the wrong time. If you feel like your real calling was to be a World War One biplane ace, try out “1916 Dogfight.” You’ll get your crack at the Red Barron in your choice of seven different aircraft, and when you’ve made a name for yourself, you’ll fight the Baron in a decent SIM. You can choose which side to fight for in the war to end all wars but, apparently, you fight the famous ace at the highest level of the game regardless of which side you chose.

HeroCraft has another one with a somewhat twisted plot: M.U.M.U. Imagine this: the Large Hadron Collider blows a gasket and cooks the earth. Only a few humans survive along with numerous mutants. In this post-apocalyptic thriller, you’re the lone wolf – but you’re being chased by wolves, included the mutated version of your former beloved hound. You’re in the middle of a river alone when the pack attacks and you attempt to bash all their heads in with an oar.

That’s a small but appropriately diverse sample of the titles available for Samsung Java game Downloads. If you’re interested in these titles, you can find them at several app stores or directly from the creators. Or, for a kick, just go browse around. You’re sure to find something interesting, fun, or just plain old weird.

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