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By: Mel Joelle

Most mobiles phones are now able to run a large listing of programming and software. These programs allow the phone to perform a variety of tasks, from accessing the Internet to navigating complicated street addresses to everything else in between. This holds true for Samsung mobile phones. Although it does depend on the exact model of phone you are using, it is possible to upload these programs to the device, directly from a computer system. The phone even comes with the provided USB cable, so no additional hardware is required to install the software onto the Samsung mobile device.

The method of downloading and obtaining the software for the Samsung mobile device is going to vary, not only depending on the model of the device, but the operating system used on the device. Most new Samsung smart phones now use Android, in which case the programs are obtained from the Android marketplace. However, other operating systems have their own service for obtaining software, which often runs directly through the Samsung website.

Once you log onto the website or marketplace with the programs, you need to search for and select the software you want. If the program costs money, there is a price tag next to the application. If the program is free though, it states so where the price is generally located. Once you find such a program you want, click the “Download” link listed next to the software and wait for the content to download to the computer system.

After the program has finished downloading to the computer, it is now time to upload the content to the Samsung mobile phone. Take the USB cable that came packaged with the phone and insert it into the USB/power port on the phone. Once in, attach the other end of the cable into any of the USB ports on the computer system. With the Samsung phone connected, launch the provided sync software that came with the phone. If you have not yet installed the program, you need to do so before connecting the mobile phone to the computer.

Click-and-drag the downloaded program into the sync software window. This prepares the programming for upload to the Samsung phone. In the sync software window, click the “Sync” button option and the mobile program begins to upload directly to the mobile device. Do not disconnect the mobile phone until after the sync process has finished, otherwise you risk corrupting the phone. If the phone is ever corrupt, you are forced to reset the equipment back to it’s native factory settings. This not only takes a considerable amount of time to perform, but you may lose important data. A prompt window does appear on the computer screen once the software has finished transferring over to the Samsung device. Once this prompt appears, you can disconnect the phone from the computer.

With the software on the phone, you are now able to run the programming. This is done by selecting the program from the main menu or start up screen on the phone.

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