Sample Essay on Impact of Illegal Arms Trafficking

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Illegal arms’ trafficking is a common problem that impacts not only developed countries, but also developing countries. The market for illicit arms is large and many organizations that help compact the effect of arms trafficking term this issue as a “worldwide scourge”. In many countries, illegal arms trafficking exist in neighborhoods that are threatened by mobs, where there are rebel attack civilians in cases of civil war and peacekeepers.
Illegal arms are a major issue today as they are easy to obtain, cheap and lightweight.

Many arm traffickers have been able to conceal, handle and transport them to respective destinations without any qualms. Availability of illegal arms increases conflicts and make them more lethal. Insecurity also increases as the cycle of demand of weapons increases as each side wants more than the other. Total value of global arms market is estimated to be about $60 billion on yearly basis and about 10-20% is all illicit trade or trafficking of arms.

The impact of illegal arms trafficking has been felt or experienced in many nations in the globe. In Africa, the illegal small arm trade is a major concern for developing countries governments. In Somalia and Ethiopia, truck convoys deliver illegally obtained weapons. In Latin America, arms trafficking as had great influence on the nation.

In most of this nations have been impacted by the availability of illegal arms. Many facets of global affairs have been impacted by the easy availability of guns or ammunitions. The illegal arm trafficking in many nations has led to loss of infrastructure through increased crimes and wars. Education has also crumpled has made children have joined crime mobs and many other rebel groups. Some parents fear enrolling their children in war torn regions due to increased cases of crimes and attacks in schools and many other institutions. Conflicts brought by availability of arms have also derailed many governmental operations. During wars, governmental development project are not that easy to implement. Lastly, there is no room for security in a war torn country, more so when guns and ammunitions are readily available.

To compact the impact of illegal arms trafficking, governments, Non-governmental organizations and many other concerned unions should come up together and find better way to eradicate or reduce the number of arms available for trade. To control arms trade, the key areas to look at include production and export techniques used by these dealers.

Tracing arms and ammunitions is the other key criterion to compact this issue. Guns need to be traced to the legitimate owners who may be accountable for the illegal supply of guns. These groups also need to prevent ammunition stockpile or resupply will help compact arms trafficking. In essence, illegal arms trafficking is an issue that the world should no longer snub.
Many lives have been lost and affected by this dangerous business and so these groups should find realistic solutions.

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