Sample Essay on Advantages of Using Inorganic Fertilizers

By: Elsie Reyes

Inorganic fertilizers are also known as synthetic or chemical fertilizers. This is because their plant providing nutrients are manufactured or synthesized in a refinery or laboratory. Till one hundred years ago, the fertilizers used were organic since the chemistry and technology behind inorganic fertilizers was not yet developed.
However, things have changed. Inorganic fertilizers donít need to be decomposed or broken down before use for the simple reason they have nutrients that are absorbed by plants readily. There are numerous advantages of using organic fertilizers and some of these include:
Works immediately
These kinds of fertilizers are known as Ďrescue treatmentsí for unhealthy, dying or malnourished plants. They are appropriate because the nutrients are readily available and plants donít need to wait for the components to be broken down into primary nutrients. Because of this, inorganic plants ensure that crops donít die.
Inorganic fertilizers also ensure there is no risk of plants not getting the desired level of nutrients that could lead weak stems, poor flower development and fruit or stunted growth.
Precise content
Inorganic fertilizers have precise content which is guaranteed by law. Breakdown of nutrients for the plant is provided on percentage which is often displayed on the fertilizer containers or bags this can be something like 12-10-10 and often, the first number refers to the nitrogen percentage, the second is phosphorous while the last number is potassium (N-P-K). this specific content is crucial for the simple reason different types of soil and plants need different kinds of nutrients to grow as such, this ensures just the right amount is added guaranteeing healthy development of the crops.
Farmers donít need to spend a lot on inorganic fertilizer. This is attributed to the fact that it is relatively cheap. Such fertilizers are produced on a mass scale as such they are also not costly when compared to organic fertilizers which are significantly expensive. Dry granular control release fertilizers are especially cost effective for those who do home gardening as they provide all the nutrition needed and donít require repeated applications.
Easy to use
Inorganic fertilizers are also available in formulations that are easy to use making them easier to transport. They are available as water soluble powders, dry granules or liquid concentrates. Others come in the form of tabular or spikes formats which are specially designed for garden or indoor garden plants.
There are control release inorganic fertilizers as well that dispense the required plant nutrients over extended durations which include 3 to 8 months thus eliminating the need for repeat applications through the entire season. For gardeners who are busy, this is an added advantage.
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