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Building a house is a once in a life time project to most. The right choice in design can make a house durable and maintenance free. The choice of materials used and professional services employed in constructing the house determines the cost and quality of construction. Same day payday loans help you with draw short term small cash.

The following factors need a careful consideration as they determine the cost of the project- type of foundation, type of super structure, and kind of wood used.

Foundation: The building foundation varies with the soil condition. An ideal soil condition needs minimum investment at this stage. The soil needs to be hard so that it takes the weight of the structure with minimal structure below the floor.

Each soil type behaves differently when structures are built on it. In some places, the soil is loose and cannot take the load for several feet until a hard soil or rock is hit. One of the cost effective foundation is pile foundation. Some plots need soil treatment like soil compression to make them strong.

Appropriate foundation type is chosen to suit soil of different types.

Load bearing walls with red bricks or table bricks is the most popular when the soil is hard. The surface could be soft but as it is dug deeper soil is found to be hard. The house built on this type of soil does not require any concrete structure to support it from below the surface. The wall is broad at bottom of the foundation and becomes thinner as it grows up. Typically building structures have ground plus two floors.

Sized stone masonry foundation suits hard soil like red soil that can carry a load of ground and two floors. The obvious disadvantage is that the structure cannot be altered as every wall bears the load above it. When the soil is loose for considerable depth before the hard soil is hit, the load being walls is not the right solution. A super structure with concrete and beams are built first and walls are filled in subsequently.

Concrete column with footing is the solution when room sizes need to be altered without damage to the structure as a whole. These columns have footings which are again concrete structure extensions to the column. These footings distribute the total weight of the building to the earth.

Pile foundation is used in surfaces which have loose soil with very less load bearing capacity. Like other foundation types, pile foundations are used for load bearing and load transferring systems. Components of the foundations are the pile cap and the piles. Materials used for piles are typically steel and concrete. Piles made from these materials are driven, drilled or jacked into the ground and connected to pile caps.

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