Salespeople - and selling e-books is a fantasy,

By: Doctor Gupta

Each of us is 'selling' in some form or another every day. We sell the concept of 'yourself' to people we interact with. We sell our 'point of view' to friends, family and colleagues. We sell our 'ideas' to partners and co-workers. We sell our 'looks and appeal' to dates and spouses.

Yet many of us do not think about ourselves as 'salespeople'. Indeed to most, the term 'salesperson' carries a negative connotation. A lot of it is linked to the image we carry of the pushy, obnoxious door-to-door salesman or irritating tale-marketer.

And we carry this attitude of aversion towards selling into our efforts to selling e-books. This makes it a nightmare. For more resources log on to And then there are others who are 'natural' an enjoyable 'dream come true' for them.

Let's work at breaking down the barriers in your mind about selling e-books.

You Are Providing Value

unless you are selling e-books that are complete trash; you are providing real value to your buyers. You are helping make their life better. You are helping them solve a problem. You are teaching them to create something, do something, and have some benefit.

Isn't that a good thing? Why would you feel hesitant or unsure about convincing them to buy your e-book?

You Are Saving Them Time and Trouble

By telling your buyers about an e-book that you have taken the time to either create, or read and review, you are saving them time, trouble and risk.

They don't have to buy an e-book, read it to see if there is real value in it, and until that point, risk their money. You have taken the effort to do it - for the buyer, it now becomes risk free.

You Are Acting as Their Advisor or Consultant

this is why you should always think about the readers of any e-book you are selling as your clients, people under your protection.

Look at it like going to your financial advisor, or your doctor or lawyer. You go to these professionals because they offer you a service that enhances your life, wealth or health. For that benefit, you gladly pay them money.

Don't you think people who buy any e-book you are selling will feel the same way too?

You Are Making Money ethically and honestly

by selling e-books, you are earning money - and doing it in an ethical, honest, respectable way. You can also go to In the process of growing your wealth, you are helping so many other readers of your e-books to enjoy a better lifestyle than they had before.

Truly worthwhile wealth-creation has at its core the purpose of enriching others too. Writing and selling e-books is one way of executing such a plan. Being an infopreneur is a real blessing.

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