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By: Peter Nadin

Salary Calculator Advice
'…calculator will work out your net pay, income tax and national insurance from your gross pay, taking into account the tax rules for single and married status.' [1]

Do you find yourself asking questions about your finances that you just cant seem to find the answers to?
Maybe you have found many answers to the questions, yet you are unsure as to which answer is actually correct?

We all find ourselves wanting to know exactly what is going on with our salary, how much are we actually being payed and how much should the total be? Where is my money going before I fully receive it; and all such related confusing questions. Due to the number of unanswered questions arising, and the fear that the information available is faulty… there are many salary calculators available that help to provide answers simple and clearly to these important questions.

It is vital to understand your finances when it comes to your salary, for even entering into a new job can be difficult without knowing how much you are worth. With the current economic situation it is even more important to be aware of such salary info; as you are often given the opportunity with employers to negotiate such matters.

Calculators for Salaries
'Every payslip you receive details the taxes you have paid, but how do you know whether you're paying the right amount?' [2]

Not only is it vitally important to understand the structure of how salaries work before walking into a job (in order to negotiate the right salary for you). It is just as important to understand what is happening to your salary once you start being payed. How can you be sure you are paying the right amount of tax? Does the amount of tax differ between jobs and salaries? Are you receiving the full amount of your annual wage that you should be each month?
These are obviously important questions that need answers, fortunately the salary calculators available free to use on many sites throughout the internet supply you with this information. The great news is how easy to use they are, all you need is your basic salary information (such as 'annual income').

'Salary surveys help you answer the important question: how much are you worth?' [3]
Of course, there are many other ways to work out your finance questions and current problems (it is recommended to get in touch with your bank for example). The great news is the availability of such information is also free to achieve on the web, for anyone.
With salary calculators, surveys and websites dedicated to providing you with great advice on salaries, pensions, loans, how to make and save money… and so much more it really is important to get involved and start learning about finance (especially with the current economic crisis)!
'Note that the calculator does not take into account any benefits you receive that change your tax code and hence your tax free allowance.' [4]

Finally make sure you always check what information you need to provide to get info and answers you desire. With a risky matter such as your personal finances it can be difficult to go willy nilly and start telling people exactly what is going on in your private life. Therefore check the website, the advice and all such related matters to make sure you don't create any unnecessary problems for yourself.




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