Safety Glass Increases the Level of Safety in Glass Balustrading Perth

By: Minerva McDonalds

If your home has a feature that can cause a person to fall down (for example, a balcony, a staircase, a pool, etc.), then you have to put up a border around it to avoid such a mishap from happening. Glass balustrading Perth systems are well-known sort of barriers at present, particularly in properties that feature contemporary architectural style. A glass fencing system is very secure even though it looks frail considering the nature of glass.

What makes a glass fence strong and safe? Well, the secret to its strength lies on the kind of glass that it is made of. A modern glass balustrade is constructed out of safety glass, glass that is made with safety and durability in mind.

There are two common types of safety glasses that are used on glass fences.

1. Tempered glass
This is a kind of safety glass that includes controlled thermal and chemical treatments in its construction. These treatments enhance the toughness of the glass, both thermally and physically. Additionally, the procedure of tempering develops internal stresses that let the glass to crumble into small chunks instead of leaving sharp, ragged shards when shattered. These small glass granules are less likely to cause injury to someone.

Due to its properties and its promise of safety and toughness, tempered glass is used in a comprehensive variety of applications. Besides glass fences, tempered glass is utilized in passenger vehicle windows, architectural glass doors, refrigerator trays, shower doors, diving masks, and even cooking pots.

2. Laminated glass
A second kind of safety glass that is utilized in glass pool fencing and balustrading is laminated glass. A laminated glass pane is actually made of two or more layers of glass. Between each layer is an interlayer constructed out of polyvinyl butyral which acts like a glue. This interlayer keeps the glass bonded even when shattered, preventing the glass shards from breaking up into big sharp pieces. When laminated glass is broken, it forms a distinct spider-web cracking pattern on the surface.

Laminated glass is generally utilized in places where the glass could fall if broken or on items where human impact is a possibility. This sort of safety glass is often utilized on windshields, storefronts, curtain walls, windows and, of course, glass fences.

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