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By: Ranjeet Tiwary

I have seen a tremendous rise in the number of the websites offering software downloads over the years. With internet getting more within reach of common they all want to enjoy all the aspects of having free software downloads. Unfortunately very few of these users realize that there can be very serious implications of making use of such software. When you download the premium software for free from any website you are compromising on your security. Hackers and cybercriminals who avail these free software products often inject them with malicious code. The implication of such an attack can be anything from DOS attack to stealing of financial and personal information.
It is necessary therefore to take all the precautions when you visit websites for software downloads. Not only with software but eBooks library and similar websites are also known to be infected with malicious bots and viruses. The solution to deal with all these problems is to be vigilant when making use of any website for software downloads. Here we are going to provide you some tips for complete safety.
Freeware not free
An absolute security step is not to use free software products which are cracked. It is not only dangerous and risky but also unethical. The coders and companies behind such software put their efforts not just to get the product cracked and shared for free. As a responsible user you should promote safe and ethical use of internet.
The best thing to save money is to make use of Freeware products. Freeware is made from free and software, IT industry uses the term for software products that are available with any monetary cost but with some restrictions like redistribution limits and no open source code. Freeware can be termed as promotional versions of premium software products that encourage the sales. But for a common user a freeware can do absolutely all the tasks premium software will do.
There is another genre of software called the Shareware that are specifically useful for eBooks library and similar online store. A shareware is software which is available for free with no limitation on sharing or distribution. This way the parent company gets to promote and share its product to vast majority of users. Sharewares however may not have any payment requirement on the upfront but can have a mode for making profits.
The revenue can be generated by limiting some features of the product, adding a trial period of time period restriction on the product or encouraging payment for full versions by reminders.
Premium Software Alternatives
It is viable that some features can be availed only with premium software products. For such requirements you should look for alternative products. It industry is vast and there are competitive products always in the market. You can buy the alternative software for cheaper prices as compared to premium software from branded companies.
These are few tricks to get best software safely without breaking the ethics of the internet and compromising your security.

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Free software downloads should be avoided as they can be malicious. With online stores and ebooks library services it is easy to avail freeware stuff that avoids need for free products. Find more at

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