SNES Emulator For Android

By: Mel Joelle

There are multiple apps available on the Android market that work as SNES emulators. An SNES emulator app helps turn your Android smart phone into a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Super Nintendo was a video game system that was released in the 1990′s and is considered by many respected experts to be the best video game system of all time. Once you have a SNES emulator app downloaded on your Android smart phone, you can play Super Nintendo game on your phone. The SNES emulator gives your smart phone the ability to play Super Nintendo games, but you still have to download the games on your Android phone before you can play them.

A Super Nintendo game that can be played through the SNES emulator for Android is called a ROM. There are several different websites that allow you to download ROMs. Most of these websites will have just about every game that was ever released on the Super Nintendo including Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Super Metroid and Zelda. Once you have found a website that has ROMs available to download, you must download the ROMs on your desktop or laptop computer. It is best to decide all of the games that you want to download and download them all at one time. This is the easiest way to get the games on the SNES emulator on your Android smart phone.

After every game is downloaded on your computer, each individual game will be in a separate file. You will want to make a separate folder and move all of the ROMs in the newly created folder. After this is done, you want to connect your Android smart phone to your computer. You can then take the folder with all of the ROMs and put it on your phone. Once all of the games are transferred, you can start playing all of your favorite Super Nintendo games on your Android smart phone.

Every time you open the SNES emulator for Android app, you will see a list of all of the games that you have installed on your phone. You can then choose which game you want to play every time you open the app. Once you have chosen a game, you will have a screen displaying the game and a replica Super Nintendo controller surrounding the screen. If your Android smart phone does not have a physical keyboard, then you must use the original touch screen controller. If your Android smart phone has a physical keyboard, then you can assigned certain keys to works as the buttons on the Super Nintendo controller. This will allow you to be able to play all of your games using the full screen of your phone. The keyboard option also makes the games slightly easier to control. It may take some time getting use to the touch screen controller, but you should be playing normal in a short amount of time. Any video game fan with an Android smart phone must download the SNES emulator. It gives you the ability to play some of the greatest games of all-time no matter where your location.

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