SME's and the Cloud.

By: Robert Thomson

Lots of small businesses do not think about the possibility of computer failure when looking at a business plan. A disaster recovery plan is very important to make sure a business is viable in the event of a situation out of the control of the business managers.

There are so many potential problems that could affect the computer, including virus, software disintegration, theft, power spikes and as a start. By making use of off-site but online storage facilities the SME owner can gain an edge over potential problems that are almost guaranteed to affect the business at some time or other.

Backing up computers is one of those tasks that is sometimes overlooked or is carried out ineffectively. Many times managers will backup computers locally onto CD and then put the CDs into a draw right next to the computer.

A simple solution that is highly cost-effective is automatically backing up a computer using cloud storage solutions.

There are numerous companies providing many varied options for high-quality off-site storage that will back up the computer on an ongoing basis.

By utilising off-site backups that are automatically carried out without user intervention will insure data integrity for the business. In the event of a catastrophic event occurring, data can simply be downloaded onto the computer or onto a new computer.

If you are thinking about bank or loan company finance and do not have a viable backup facility it is unlikely that a loan will be granted.

Backing up the computer using the web and an online backup service provider is a very simple procedure. The computer being backed up as a small app installed, this at communicates with the backup servers and transfers data on a predetermined period. This means for instance you could back up your computer at lunchtime and after work when the staff have all gone home.

By making use of a an automated backup system you will have considerable peace of mind not to mention the fact that your business probably relies on your computer systems for everything from client data, accounts and stock control.

As there are many companies now providing different options the small business owner has a very extensive choice of facilities that he can select from to get the most appropriate backup system for the business concerned. As a hard disk space is becoming ever cheaper, the price of cloud storage solutions is tumbling ever downwards.

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