SEO for Mobile Phones

By: Mel Joelle

Search has found a hot new destination. The destination is none other than your pocket. Yes, the mobile phone in your pocket. No need to go to any cyber café or bring your laptop to search a string online. It can be now easily done from any multimedia mobile phone, more swiftly than from any other devices. Now, one can search from every nook and corner of the world and that to in an incredibly fast speed. The advent of multimedia phone and 3G technology has made it incredibly easy to search anything and browse internet from the mobile phones.

The number of people surfing internet from their mobile phones is growing in an exponential rate and it is expected to only grow for next one or two decades. Now, the time has come for the website or blog owners to target these mobile internet users. No one can ignore this mass as it is really huge; if anyone is doing that, then that would be proved as a blunder in future.

The proven strategy of the SEO can also be handy to target these mobile internet users. SEO is the most efficient strategy to promote a website or blog over the internet. Bloggers and online businessmen are earning millions of revenue, by using the amazing technique of the SEO. Now, they have to do the same thing once again, in a different way to drag multimedia phone users to their website and blog.

There are some reasons, that is why I told, they have to do SEO in an different way. Though, the concept of conventional SEO and SEO for mobile phones is more or less same, but doing the SEO for mobile phones is far more different than the conventional SEO.

First of all, a website has to be redesigned to be compatible with the mobile phones and that is why the whole concept of SEO changes for the mobile phones. The on-page SEO, which is done at the time of making a new website to make the website SEO friendly has to be done at the time of the redesigning the website to make the mobile phone compatible. If one has already designed a mobile phone compatible website ignoring the on-page optimization, then he or she has to make the website, mobile SEO friendly by hiring any expert mobile phone SEO company.

After the on-page optimization, comes the off-page optimization. The mobile phone web space is completely different than the conventional web space. That is why, one has to do off page SEO for the mobile phones, no matter how much off page optimization, he or she has done in the conventional space.

Don’t be complacent that you have done enough SEO in the conventional web space. Now, the time is asking you to repeat your effort and that to with more vigor; so that you can attract more and more mobile phone internet users to your website and add some more flesh to your bottom line.

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