SEO Expert – Matchmaker of the Online World

By: Gautam Punja

In cultures where arranged marriages were the norm, a matchmaker had an important role to play. While the importance of the traditional matchmaker has dwindled or vanished, the matrimonial/dating sites that pepper the online world are the inanimate incarnations of these conventional matchmakers. In the context of bringing together websites and customers, an SEO expert plays the role of a conventional matchmaker, or a linking interface. Search engines are, needless to say, the primary matchmakers who connect the browsing public and the aspiring websites that are trying to grab their attention. But without the help of an SEO specialist, the visibility of a website cannot be ensured. A website has to have some essential attributes and has to be decked up in a specific way to first get noticed by the search engines, and then get preferred by the customers. Only an SEO expert knows the secret formula for ensuring both these.

The master key to this secret formula is the keyword. A keyword or keyword phrase is the most concise description of the product that the site is promoting. The right keyword alone will not ensure the site visibility but the right keyword is the primary tool with which an SEO specialist has to start his work. Of course, a site owner may have his own notion about the keyword that rightly describes his product. However, a keyword that accurately describes his product may not always be the keyword that the surfing public uses to search that product. Herein comes the importance of an SEO expert. He would know better than the product owner as to which keyword is the right one to attract potential customers. An SEO specialist selects the keyword by analyzing the keyword preferences of net surfers.

An SEO expert will have access to vast databases which he can sift to find out the more popular keywords. Customer preferences vary over a wide spectrum, and the keyword that one category of customers may use for searching a product could be very different from the keyword that another set of customers may use for searching the same product. The keyword choice could vary from country to country, and even state to state. Sometimes the same keyword may be spelt differently by different people! Your SEO specialist will take into consideration all these probabilities while selecting a keyword. To cater correctly to customer needs, a website may have to be optimized for more than one keyword or keyword phrase. For certain types of products, keyword may even have to be changed seasonally. For example, a website selling flowers may have to be optimized for ‘summer flowers’ in summer and ‘winter flowers’ in winter.

Selecting the right keyword is definitely not the end of search engine optimization. An SEO expert has to do a lot more to make a site search engine-friendly. But it is the right beginning and the end of the first step in optimizing a site. With the right keyword, a site is bound to fall within the circle of vision of search engines. Other matchmaking tools that an SEO specialist uses are content development, link building, article writing, blogging etc. Each of these has its own importance and challenges but all these have to be molded with the right keyword which is the foundation of SEO.

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