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By: Nagmani

Most companies and businesses depend on search engines for marketing their products. As people are no longer using the yellow pages, each company should provide a good and relevant website for their business to stay competitive. With the site being useful to visitors, there is a big possibility to have them as customers, and so the business revenues go up. They key in having this optimization is to regularly add a quality-rich content in a regular basis. Some managers or business owners may not have the time or the skills to do those. In such cases, these companies should hire the help of good SEO experts.

Each consultant has its own set of processes and requirements so with customized methods of offering solutions. Though there might not be a “best SEO agency”, there are guidelines which each of these consultants follow and enhance to keep their services competitive with all the others.

SEO experts start with analyzing the ins and outs in the website from where they are going to draw some relevant keywords and alternates in the most important pages. In most cases, the company will be adopting a phrase rather than a single word, especially for a competitive situation online. They will be making keyword-rich content, and have those articles approved by the client. After revisions and editing, then they can post that article for an initial attempt in the client’s website. With the primary and secondary keywords, the consultant has to formulate a baseline report reflecting the ranking of the website in the leading search engines. With this report the SEO consultant makes a critical elemental analysis to adjust and optimize the website – a successful SEO campaign. After the necessary changes are made, articles will be audited to verify recommendations and any changes before submission to commercial search engines and web directories. The job doesn’t stop there as SEO experts still need to continuously monitor and optimize the website with monthly reporting and optimization recommendations for additional adjustments. While avoiding black hats or getting penalized by the search engines, some consultants adhere to the principle: a successful search engine optimization job needs most pages of the website be tuned individually then be submitted manually to the search engines and web directories. This strategy might mean a longer period doing the job, but it’s the surest way to attain the rank.

And how about the SEO service cost? Top SEO consultants offer packages of services for clients depending on how much the client wanted in his site or the duration of the rank. A basic guideline for cost estimates with the project includes the

• Web completion which gauges the status of the website along with other sites providing same service;
• Keyword analysis including its configuration in the text like density, frequency, weight and others to check the distribution of keywords throughout the web pages;
• Tuning of site content are the modifications in the text – additions, changes – which need to be made.
• Root files restructuring involves renaming of some html files and restructuring internal page links.
• Manual search engine submission at several intervals in a period of two weeks.

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